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Right now, my wife and I have an iPhone 4 (hers), an iPad, and an iPod Touch.

By the end of this week I am getting an iPhone 4S.


Right now, all of the devices have been hooked up to one Apple ID (mine).  So we are able to sync and share all apps, music, photos, etc, between the iOS device and iTunes, then to the other iOS decies.


Once I get my own iPhone, I'd like to keep our contacts and photos separate, but still share our music and apps.  Is this possible with iCloud/iTunes now?


I did some searching and couldn't get a clear answer.  It seems like I may be able to do this by creating a new Apple ID for me to use on iCloud, but still using the old Apple ID for iTunes purchases.  So the setup would look like:


Wife's iPhone: iCloud and iTunes both using same (old) Apple ID

My iPhone: iCloud using new Apple ID, iTunes using old Apple ID


Would this work?  I think it might.. but I'm not sure if over-the-air updates would allow for this. 


Essentially we want to just share music and apps, and keep contacts and photos separate.

Anyone had to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1