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So this is annoying me to no end because I just spent $25 to sign up for iTunes Match and so far its wasted my time and given me nothing but a massive headache. This is obviously a major bug on the SERVICE END, not mine.


Starting with an empty iTunes library on my Mac, I began ripping my CDs in iTunes Plus AAC format the other night with the intent of matching & uploading my entire music library into iCloud for streaming & downloading to my iPhone 4S on the go. Simple in theory, right? After some basic tag editing -- changing genres, a simple alteration to a title here, deleting the composer there -- and then updating iTunes Match (Store > Update iTunes Match), I notice I'm getting duplicates of a bunch of my songs appearing on my iPhone. I haven't downloaded anything to the device, they're all just listed with the cloud icon next to them.


So I'm thinking, whatever, I screwed something up. I'm only several CDs into the process so I'll just delete the iTunes library and start over again. Shift + right click, delete everything. Do you want to delete these songs from iCloud as well? Yes. Update iTunes Match. There are 0 songs in iCloud. Okay.


The songs are still showing in my iPhone Music app. Strange. Swipe to delete does nothing, they're not on the device. They're pointing to files in the cloud that are either no longer there or somewhere that I cannot access anymore. Broken aliases. The album artwork still shows up, but playing the songs just kicks me back to the album menu. Navigating to Settings > General > Usage > Music shows me there is no data on the device. 0 bytes.


One thing I notice is that sometimes after syncing a handful of these broken songs will show up in a "Purchased" playlist on my iPhone within the iTunes browser -- I haven't purchased any music from the iTunes store, not one song -- and inspecting them with right click > Get Info reveals them as Stream files, not iTunes Plus AAC files.


Turning iTunes Match off and on again both from within iTunes and on my iPhone does nothing.

Syncing wirelessly or via USB does nothing.

Backing up and restoring my iPhone does nothing.

Double clicking the Home button and quitting the Music process, then opening it again does nothing.

Hard resetting the iPhone does nothing.


This is something that's happening with my Apple ID on the service end, not locally or on the user end. As long as iTunes Match is turned on in my iPhone settings, all of this broken music -- everything I've matched to iCloud and deleted -- shows up. I've done everything within the parameters of proper usage, and iTunes tells me there is nothing in iCloud after it updates but my phone keeps seeing crap that isn't -- or shouldn't be -- there.


I WANT to use iTunes Match, I just paid 25 freaking dollars for it, but its completely busted for me right now and I know ripping and matching some more CDs is just going to make it worse and populate my iPhone with an even bigger broken library. I just ripped and matched one more CD an hour ago without editing any of the tags, just let iTunes Match do its thing, and then after right clicking and following the prompts to delete the 18 songs both from both iTunes AND iCloud its still showing up on my iPhone. Busted like all the others.


Can we please get an update on this as soon as possible? This is driving me nuts and I don't know what else to do.

iCloud, iOS 5.0.1, Songs become broken aliases...
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    Same thing here. Some songs appear as duplicate on my mac library but they're actually not. No way to get them on the iPhone through iTunes Match.


    Songs 'deleted' from iCloud don't seem to be... deleted.

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    Wow, just posting and it seems that there is a solution that is working for me...

    What I've did is I turned off iTunes Match on my iPhone, then turned in on again. Now in my iTunes library on my mac I can get the duplicates to be matched or uploaded to iCloud with a right-click, add to iCloud. iTunes Match starts to check the songs and everything is done correctly. Pretty nice!