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I have completed the iTunes Match download, and it has Matched all the songs, but none of the songs are uploading to my iPhone. I went to iPhone Settings/Music/ and turned ON iTunes Match and Show All Music, and still nothing! Does anyone have any suggestions please? I have done a soft reset on my iPhone, turned it off/on, turned iTunes Match off/on. What am I missing? I'm pretty sure I do not have to be on wifi, but I logged in anyway.


Am I suppose to select what play lists I want to upload? If so where? HELP!! 

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Ok, I noticed I did not have the latest version of iTunes 10.5.2 on my MacBook Pro, so I downloaded and installed new update. Then I turned off iTunes Match, and turned it back ON. Still nothing.

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    Ok, it's working!

    Yesterday, I was using my AT&T wireless card because I was not at home, and it just would not work.  Today, I got home, logged into the home network and viola! everything is working great! I have had a few problems with encryption type software where it needs to go out and autheniticate, using my wireless card, guess that was the problem yesterday.

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    Just trying to educate my peeps out there, because if we don't help ourselves, no one will! So, I'm responding to my own thread.


    Just an FYI, in order to be able to work with iTunes Match while your NOT on WIFI, you have to ENABLE 3G, by going to the iPhone: Settings/Store and turning ON: Use Cellular Date. I'm just wondering, since Mr. Jobs recently passed away, God rest his soul, is there anyone with brains still working at Apple! You release a product, and then it's up to us to create a knowledgebase to figure out how to use it! Come one Apple, is there anyone left that can still  think! Did you forget Mr. Jobs vision of Apple, SIMPLICITY! This is not SIMPLE Just see for youself, if this was simple, you wouldn't get so many questions about how to install and use this product. Get some instructional videos out there, and walk us through, step by step, INCLUDING all the little things like HOW TO MAKE THIS WORK OUTSIDE OF WIFI, IT'S A CELL PHONE FOR GODS SAKE!!!


    Also, please don't forget, I'm pretty sure if you ENABLE 3G, you are using your DATA for your downloads, so you might want to upload your complete libray first, in wifi, THEN enable 3G for the occasional new songs.


    Good luck.