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  • eiffel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    None of them. It's an empty one.


    Well I have rebooted just after a deletion.... and there is no new one bookmarks.plist file created.

    It was 10 min ago. I cross fingers.

    (If good put this in your Memo)


    Do you confirm there are still some bookmarks in the iPhone that can't be deleted?

    It seems each time I check Safari in iCloud on the iPhone it asks to append and this is here where there are bookmarks additions in my opinion.


    On the iPad (OS 5) it asks if I want to delete all the bookmarks. It seems better.


    So I am about to reset my iPhone (And all these bloody bookmarks files) and rebuild it from 0. What do think about it? Is there a way to only kill the bookmarks file instead?


    Thanks for your active support!!!!!



  • Peter Berglund Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Empty bookmarks file on the Mac, that's the ideal scenario!


    Also great that you can reset the bookmarks data on the iOS devises!


    Do that. And then all you need to do is to move your fixed, clean bookmarks file on the Mac to the right folder, turn syncing back on and launch Safari!


    Should work I think.

  • wodehousefanusa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Peter,


    I've been reading your posts on this topic on different threads and you are giving me the hope that someone has figured this out! 

    I've been wary of "wiping"  cloud data device by device, because I have been burned by this before.

    You are correct that just deleting files is risky!  As someone who has a  .mac email address,  After several phones, ipads, and macs, and  .mac, mobileme and icloud, files have been merged, migrated, backed-up, incorrectly synced, etc., such that I don't know which was the local (originating) device.


    I would like to follow your instructions, but see that you've noted that Apple has just updated their knowledge base, and your instructions don't work anymore - is that right?

  • eiffel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Pb resolved this night by completely erasing the iPhone. Pb is coming that it's impossible on the iPhone to TOTALLY erase bookmarks even if you switch on/off iCloud Safari in prefs. It's possible to erase all bookmarks definitively on iPad (OS 5) but not on the iPhone :-(


    Now live is coming back to "sun mode". All actions on each of my devices is replicated everywhere. It's so cool!


    But please Apple guys offer us, asap, a more intelligent way to reset the stuff!


    Thank u so much Peter for your help.



  • Peter Berglund Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)


    Great that you got everything to work!


    Wodehousefanusa, I think Eiffel is more qualified than me to say exactly how to succeed. But you could start by following my "guidelines" since your situations seem to differ a bit from each other. Also, even if it doesn't work initially it won't cause any harm. But make sure you follow the steps especially when it comes to making a backup copy of the bookmarks data file.


    I would like to update my blog so any corrections you think I should make please let me know...

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