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I downloaded two rentals to my iPad 2.  I cannot find them though.


They are not in Movies.

I cannot find them via Purchased on iTunes.

I cannot search for them.


I've tried turning the iPad on and off a few times.  That did nothing.


I just can't find them anywhere..


Please advise!

iPad 2
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    I just tried synching with my laptop (which is not the computer I normally synch the iPad with).


    For some reason that's worked and now I have the Rentals button appearing in the Video app.


    Very frustrating though and started downloading one of the films a second time on my laptop to try it that way.


    How does one request a refund..?

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    I Had the same issue on my IPad as well. I signed out of my ITunes account and signed back in and my movies appeared.  Hope this helps you.