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As of Nov 20 or so of my apps are wirelessly updating. NOTHING. They just say "waiting."


Seems to have begun after an update to iOS5


I've reset 3 - 4 times. No change.


This an incredibly frustrating situation, made only worse by the alerts that App Store puts out on the iPad: "13 updates available."


Actually, no there aren't 13 updates available. In fact, there are NO updates available, because my iPad won't update.


This isn't saying much, but this is probably my personal biggest experience of failure with an Apple product.


Someone please advise, or please issue an update to fix this.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Did you try downloading the updates in iTunes on your computer and them sync them to the iPad? You may just have an available download in iTunes that is preventing the apps from downloading on the iPad. You could launch iTunes on your computer and go to Store>Check for Available Downloads.


    Sometimes - signing out of the account on the iPad, restarting the iPad and then signing back in to your account will restart the "waiting" updates. Settings>Store>Apple ID - sign out, restart the iPad and then sign in again. Settings>Store>Sign in.