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I have a problem where iOS 5 springboard keeps crashing/restarting.  I've called Apple Support, but they haven't been able to figure this out yet.  I'm hoping that by explaining my issue here, that this is something someone else has seen and has been able to fix.


Warning, this is NOT a quick read.  I have spent a lot of time over the last 2 months working with this.  No device has EVER been jailbroken, or manipulated in any way.


This problem seems to be iOS 5 related because this problem has appeared on ALL of my devices after being upgraded to iOS 5.



Every day a few minutes after 12pm and 12am, the phone goes through several (random number, sometimes 1, sometimes 7 or 8) SpringBoard crashes from 12:00 to 1:00.  It's the exact same time frame, no matter what, or whether I am or am not using my phone.  When this happens, the screen goes black and I see the circle of animated bars, only they are NOT animated.  The phone is completely frozen.  After 20-30 seconds, the phone is accessible again, and the screen is Locked.  Every device I've had does this after upgrading to iOS 5, whether upgraded from backup or a full new Restore as new device.



iPhone 4 32gb (AT&T): Was the latest iOS 4 version (can't remember which) and upgraded to 5.0 (phone has since been sold and I no longer have it)

iPad 2 16gb(Wi-Fi only):  Was the latest iOS 4 (same as above) and worked fine until upgrading to iOS 5.0 and now is on iOS 5.0.1

iPhone 4S 64gb (VZW):  iOS 5 upgraded to 5.0.1


In all cases (except iPhone 4), I have done a full Restore with the latest image and then restored from backup.



Started with an iPhone 32gb 3GS (AT&T).  Upgraded from iOS 3 to iOS 4, then switched to the iPhone 4 and then upgraded to iOS 5 before selling and switching to iPhone 4S.


Per Apple Support and my own troubleshooting I have tried both upgrading, Restore and restore from backup, and then Restore as new phone.


In every case, the phone exhibits these random crashes/reboots, though it doesn't seem to be a full reboot.  It just reappears at the Lock screen and whatever I had opened or was using, such as a game is not as I left it when crashed.  For example, if I was playing Flight Control, the current game is non-existent and I have to start over.


I have poored over every forum or post I can find on SpringBoard or related crashes reboots through Google searches.  Since 99% of what's out there is related to jailbroken phones, those issues are non-related and don't help me at all.


And I want to point out again, I have literally Restored as new device and only reinstalled apps, with ALL data lost and left devices sitting there and have seen this happen.  Because it only shows SpringBoard crashing, I have no other information to go on.  I'm at a loss.


I don't see any applications listed along with the crash.  I have approximately 250 application installed and most of those are in folders across 4 screens.  I have had the same, and more, for iOS 4 and never had an issue.  I have duplicated this issue on EVERY device.  Only iOS seems to be the same thing among them.  I originally thought I might have had a corrupt backup, but that was eliminated when I Restored as new device.


I'm lost and this is really starting to annoy me.  I'm at a point where if I don't see this fixed soon, I may be sending my iPhone4S back to Verizon and looking at an Andriod device.


Someone save me!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    This is the exact same thing I'm seeing on my iPhone 4.  Like you, I had initial problems with iOS5. It was a nightmare!  I eventually did get it on iOS5, and everything seemed OK, until these springboard crashed.  I have never jailbroken my phone either.  Wondering if you're on the east coast though, because my errors are happening just after 11am and 11pm, usually around 11:20pm every single cotten picken day!  It's driving me batty.  Don't have phone support anymore, but I'm still thinking about taking it into the Genius Bar.  I've restored from my backup, and I've set it up as a new device as well.  Still seeing the same thing no matter what I do!

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    Eastern time zone here, so that would corelate with what you are seeing.  What the HECK is causing this????

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    Wish I knew!