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Before I get into any heavy lifting, I want to know if anyone is running heavy applications on either parallels 7 or virtual Box. I have some apps that will not run on lion and I really don't want to partition my drive if possible. I have pro tools 8 and Reason 3.0 which will not run on Lion. I wanted to know if anyone had any expereince with "heavy duty" software on virtual machines. Has anyone tried using Logic Pro or Final Cut Pro?


Other than the obvious - virtual Box is free. Is it stable?



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    Go with Parallels. Much slicker, better supported, fewer problems, faster.

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    Unless you have the server version of Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6, you must partition the drive(or use an external one) to have them both installed and usable on a single machine.


    Kappy: The references to software such as Logic Pro say that the question is about running Mac OS X in emulation, not Windows.



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    I have installled the trial version of Par 7 and you are right, you can't use leopard. I am getting win XP to install. I really want to see how my "powerful Apps" work before fully upgrading to Lion. I am running Lion on another disk for testing purposes.

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    And that's relevant to my reply how? Furthermore, the question is posted in a Lion forum and not that well qualified. However, that in no way has a thing to do with my reply which is applicable regardless.

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    Hey Kappy,  I had Parallels a few years back and hated it.  My job sent me to VMWare training and have been using the Mac Fusion for years.  I run Windows 7, Windows XP, Red Hat all on the VMWare. 


    I use virtual box and Red Hat for my Unix Class. My students just have Windows, so works great for those folks.


    I guest my question is, ya (Georgia Speak) think that Parallels is a better product now?


    Anyway, Thanks in advance for your thoughts....




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    I can't say because it depends on what you consider most important for your virtualization - speed or system isolation. I've used both since their inceptions, on and off, and never thought badly of either. To be specific, Parallels is an excellent product that outperforms Fusion in just about all categories.


    If'n yur gwana uz Gorja-speek, den say "ya'll" or "yawl."

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    Thanks for the quick reply.  I will have to give it a go.


    ya'll have a nice holiday.