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Having just recently purchased a Macbook for the first time I am trying to get all my files over from my PC (no system files or programs etc. just pics, videos, music and docs) to the Mac. There are a number of guides on how to do this via an ethernet cable. I have followed these guides and searched the internet but seem to be coming up short as when I try to open the files I get an error message saying "The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “The Filename” can’t be found.


I have a PC that is running Vista, with a Mac running Lion. I have enabled the sharing settings on my PC: network discovery - on, file sharing - on, password protected sharing - off. Next step was to go to the files I want and share them. I did this via right click, properties, sharing, advanced sharing, share this folder - ok, apply, close.


Going back to the Mac I use Finder, Go, connect to server, browse, find my PC, double click on it and the folders come up. The problem then comes when I double click on the file, for example, Powerpoint Presentations, and I receive the above error message "The operation...". I have tried to share the whole "C" drive of my PC, specific folders, played with the permissions to allow full control and nothing seems to work.


Any help would be greatly received as its a tad inconvenient not having all my files on the new Mac.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)