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Having just recently purchased a Macbook for the first time I am trying to get all my files over from my PC (no system files or programs etc. just pics, videos, music and docs) to the Mac. There are a number of guides on how to do this via an ethernet cable. I have followed these guides and searched the internet but seem to be coming up short as when I try to open the files I get an error message saying "The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “The Filename” can’t be found.


I have a PC that is running Vista, with a Mac running Lion. I have enabled the sharing settings on my PC: network discovery - on, file sharing - on, password protected sharing - off. Next step was to go to the files I want and share them. I did this via right click, properties, sharing, advanced sharing, share this folder - ok, apply, close.


Going back to the Mac I use Finder, Go, connect to server, browse, find my PC, double click on it and the folders come up. The problem then comes when I double click on the file, for example, Powerpoint Presentations, and I receive the above error message "The operation...". I have tried to share the whole "C" drive of my PC, specific folders, played with the permissions to allow full control and nothing seems to work.


Any help would be greatly received as its a tad inconvenient not having all my files on the new Mac.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    All I can offer is what Apple provides, since I haven't a PC or do windoze:





    and then there's this:




    Good luck and welcome aboard.

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    Thank you very much for the links but I have been to them all unfortunately and my problem still stands.


    Connecting directly, you would think, should be quick, easy and fairly seemless but this is far from it. I don't want to use the third party application yet, hopefully someone else can shed some light on the problem.


    Appreciate the help.

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    I just did the same switch -- PC running Vista to new MacBook Pro.  I used the Migration Assistant which popped up on the MB the first time I plugged in the computers.  You can also access it under "Utilities" on the Mac.  They just need to be connected to the same network, wireless or ethernet. 

    It was surprisingly effortless.

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    Clarification. If that was on the MBP's first boot, then it was the Setup Assistant, not the Migration Assistant.

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    Exactly.  First time up is Setup Assistant, after that, it's Migration Assistant from Utilities.  Thanks!

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    Thanks for the help!


    Yes I cannot believe I didn't see in my searches the fact of using migration assistant! Apparently it is completely simple and user friendly. In the end I sorted my problem out with a little help from the Apple Support folk.


    For those who get in the same predicament as me, I hope these couple of directions help matters. Apple support said that I needed to turn off "share files and folders using AFP" and turn on "share files and folders using SMB (Windows). To get here you net to go to System Preferences, sharing, make sure file sharing is highlighted, see the options button, and uncheck the AFP button and check the SMB button.


    This was only half the problem and Apple could not help me further. I was still seeing the PC folder I wanted to share but when I clicked on it I got the "operation can't be completed" spiel. Turns out that I was logging in to my PC as a "Guest" because I was not a "Registered User" due to the fact I had not set up a password ever on my Windows machine. The solution was to go to User Accounts in Windows, set up a password for the administrator account, then with the Mac go to Finder, Go, Connect to server, browse for the PC, then up the top left hand corner click "Connect As" then choose "Registered User." For the username type the name of your PC and the password as the one you have set up and voila! From then on she worked like a dream!


    End result after a lot of waiting, all PC files transfered to the new Mac!


    Hope this helps those in the same predicament, however, the Migration Assistant is meant to be the care free way to do this.