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I have been attempting to use the Profile Manger to set Parental Controls for the kids accounts. I created a Kids group and both of my children's accounts belong the Kids group. When I install the profile, it shows as successfully installed, but the Parental Controls are not affected. I have tried both network accounts and local account. If I set options on the Dock everything applies and works as expected, but when I try to set Parental Controls the settings seem to not take affect.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Iam experiencing the same thing. Setting time limits in Profile Manager has no effect.

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    Because my router is not in a position to block Internet addresses that I have set up the Profile Manager. So far so good, it all works except for the parental control. Local Wi-Fi I have all the iPhone's, iPad's, iPod's and iMac's added in the Profile Manager and logged over the https address. / / Server.local / mydevices. The settings sent successful (set server account) via push notification . But the parental control has no effect on the device. The value "True" under parental control is evident, i have outside of the clients and mobile devices full access to Internet. On the Internet I could not find on the subject.

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    Anyone manage to resolve this?