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ok so i put like five new cds on my ipod and then i was double checking to make sure they were there and they show up under albums but not under artists and thats really annoying, it also did that with my johnny cash cd and so i tried to update it again but i didnt work

30 GB with vid, Windows XP
  • Honeybee1236 Level 4 (1,130 points)
    Are the tags filled out for the artist. If so, then right click on the songs (highlight all at once) & select 'get info'>if the tags are filled in correctly just click 'ok'to close. Maybe they need to be set in iTunes. Then transfer then songs again and see if they show up.

    You can switch over to manual and do it directly on the iPod.

    The other solution would be if the tags are filled in correctly & showing in iTunes then delete them & reimport them from the CD. Maybe there was an import problem.
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    Maybe someone can help me with the below issue

    I have a 30G Ipod video. I have 2525 songs on it up to now. I see all of these songs when I look at them through Itunes and can play them from there. Here is the issue: i DO NOT see the songs when I look on my Ipod...Any idea what is the issue?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I have the same exact problem.. u can see the songs but not under the artist folder... and i hate that.. PLEASE HELP... ipod is useless the way it is....
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    Nobody has any clue what to tell us?

    I posted the same issue last week.

    This is very frustrating to say the least.
  • Lyssa Level 6 (17,825 points)
    Do all of these problem songs have the "Artist" and "Album" feeds filled in?
  • Zevoneer Level 9 (52,700 points)
    Two things usually contribute to songs not appearing under Artist on an iPod, both are due to information either in or missing from the Get Info>Info tab against the song in iTunes. 1) the song is marked as part of a compilation or 2) it is missing an album name. If the tracks are ticked in the Get Info>Info tab as part of a compilation, they will not appear under Artist on the iPod. Highlight a song you know is not appearing, from the iTunes File menu, choose Get Info and click the Info tab, if "Part of a Compilation" is marked untick it and afterwards update your iPod, you'll find it now appears as normal. Compilations are stored in a separate folder in iTunes so the songs don't appear inside the normal Artist>Album folder, this means therefore they don't transfer over in the same way. Also it could be that the tracks are missing an Album name in the Info tab, this information needs to be filled in, in the absence of one you can just add None or Miscellaneous. See this link: I don't see some of my songs when browsing by artist on my iPod
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    So this is the problem i'm having. My iTunes and Fith Generation iPod show differen't numbers of songs and videos after I am done updating. iTunes doesn't tell me that any of my songs weren't transfered, and I have it set to transfer all my songs, so why the two different numbers?
    Any help?

  • Masna Level 4 (2,650 points)
    Are any of your songs unchecked in iTunes?