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I have an iPhone 4 on iOS5.0.1 and a MacBook Air that is on Lion v10.7.2 and iTunes v10.5.2.


This morning I was syncing a complete lot of new music to my iPhone via USB, when someone phoned and as I answered I unplugged the cable. When I plugged the iPhone back in, the 'Other' section was up to 6.8GB. My phone shows as having no music. The music that I wanted on the phone is around 7.9GB, so I'm pretty sure that the 6.8GB is where the sync had got up to before it was interrupted.


I've tried to resync, etc, but I can't get any music on because of the large 'Other' file. I'm in an area with really slow internet, so restoring would take forever because downloading the iOS to my computer would take about three days.


Any suggestions!?



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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