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  • **KJM** Level 1 Level 1

    Thank GAWD!  I've been searching for months trying to figure this out.  Before I did Aaron's trick I had 1.93GB of other space which was maxing put my 16GB iPhone 4.  Even after empting trash, deleting all texts, voicemails, browsing history, phone call history, etc I couldn't get any extra space. 


    I did this and it immediately went down to 1.18GB of other space.  Hmm...what if I did it again?  Sure enough I did the exact thing a second time and am now finally down to 1.671 MB of other space. 


    Thanks Aaron!!

  • pattymelt3605 Level 1 Level 1

    I followed aaronjk55 advice and I also deleted all my text messages and my other went from 2.91gb to 392mb lol. After searching all over the internets and trying the restore from new phone those two tricks worked. All my music is working also.

  • President2510 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the tip, I had to do it more than once to get it down.

    Many thanks

  • pattymelt3605 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I was actually not able to play most of my music files after this. I finally found a solution!!!


    First backup your phone and apps. Then restore your phone to new. Do not restore from a back up. Ater the phone is restored to new then resync your phone, make sure your music, pics, contacts, etc are selected. This will take awhile as it will add all your music/pics back on the phone. You will lose your old text history but not big deal. You will have to resetup your email, folders, wifi, etc but all your stuff will be back on your phone. This is the ONLY way I could get it to go from 3.21gb to 857mb. If this does not work then you can restore from an old backup.

  • President2510 Level 1 Level 1

    Well I tried Pattymelt's restore and I must have done something wrong. Now I have 6.18GB of other data and my music will not sync to my phone. Here we go again.

  • President2510 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, I had to read Pattymelts instructions again and follow them closely. I did the restore to new, I freaked when I saw everything was gone, but it can all be recovered from the PC. What a trying ordeal this has been to get that space cleared out.

    Thanks for all the good information.

  • dutchbaar Level 1 Level 1

    wow I have been looking to fix this for so long and it actually worked I went from 5GB other to 455 mb thanks so much!

  • dutchbaar Level 1 Level 1

    I did this and the "other" shrunk from 5GB to 455 MB but when I turned my phone back on and synced it it wouldn't play any music anymore. I deleted all music from my phone and then put in back on, and along with it came the other 5GB. any suggestions?

  • Jorge Inchaurregui Level 1 Level 1

    I just tried your method and it worked like a charm. The infamous "Other" went from a galloping 1.87 GB to a very humble 220 MB. I had tried the other methods found in this forum and the internet at large with no luck whatsoever, until today.





  • Jesus116Chick Level 1 Level 1

    I tried Aaron's fix and it took my 5g of 'Other' down to 210MB. I selectively chose which music to put back on and it went back up to nearly 2g of 'Other' after I synced my phone. Any idea how to determine if a music file is "corrupt"? All of them have been purchased by itunes, so I have no idea how the files could have become corrupt. Anyone have a solution to this?

  • aaronchuck Level 1 Level 1

    I just deleted a **** tone of my texts that have been sitting in my phone for a millennia.  Lots of photos in there as well both sent and received.  What was 4.13 gig of "other" is now 987 mgb. 

  • jgauthiersloan Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to aaron my Other file went from an absurd 11.1gb down to 2.6gb, taking my available space from 168mb up to 9.3gb!


    This appears to be the fix I was looking for but I wish I understood why it worked. I don't even store local media files on my phone. Were these Other files possibly music downloads from iCloud?


    I've noticed that songs that have been played on the phone thru iCloud can play right away, as if they were local files, while songs from my 3tb iTunes archive that show as available on my phone but have not been played on the phone from the cloud before seem to be downloading, buffering, caching, or the like, before they play. Since I usually just leave iTunes running on my phone at all times (with the volume muted, I keep iTunes on a constant shuffle of my archive on both phone & PC), s this how I got to 11.1gb of unviewable Other data?


    FWIW, I had two years of messages stored going way back to my move from Blackberry to 3GS--which totaled a negligible ~3mb. Data hogging apps were dealt with long before I arrived here. The 11.1gb dead space was a total mystery to me as I could not see what type of files they were.


    Can anyone confirm that iCloud is the culprit here?

  • BinkerUser Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Aaronjk55!

    I had a 3.8 GB "other" category on my 16 GB iPhone5 and your suggestion cut it down by 2 GB.

    I was not willing to do a factory restore and not yet ready to buy a file browser to manually find the space. You are a hero!


    I will play with this and hopefully reclaim a bit more. Next time I buy a better sized iPhone




  • julieh2o Level 1 Level 1

    My iPhone 4S had 7.53 gigs of "other" on it and I am not at all technically savvy.  I backed up, restored as a new phone then synced with iCloud.  I now have way less than 1 gig in "Other" and also new IOS 6.1.3.  THANKS!

  • Changem3 Level 1 Level 1

    This works great, remeber to hold 'home+power' together till phone restarts then connect to itunes and other disapears

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