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hey guys i have this eMac G4 and i dont have a installtion disk.. but from a school there is a same eMac like mine..


Is there a way to make recovery disk or a image....

eMac, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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    Get the disks from the school.   Any software on the machine you don't have a disk for is not licensed for your



    If they are missing those disks, here's what you should know about eMacs:


    1. Their minimum operating system was 9.2.2.  The 8.6 or earlier on your profile is impossible to install on your eMac. To install 9 on any eMac, you need the original eMac system discs that came with the eMac.  No retail version of 9 will work, and no version of X has 9 included that would work.


    2. Only later eMacs starting with those manufactured in 2005 required that you get only the newest retail 10.4 installer if you were to install 10.4 from a non-eMac installer CD.  Previous eMacs could take any 10.4 retail installer.  10.4.6 was the last retail version of 10.4, and for those 2005 eMacs, and any 867 Mhz or faster eMac, you could install up to 10.5.8 on the eMac.  10.4.11 (which is newer than 10.4.6 and can be updated to from 10.4.6 with the 10.4.11 combo PowerPC updater) is the newest version of Mac OS X that will run on 700 Mhz and 800 Mhz eMacs.


    3. Retail installers of 10.4 lack Appleworks, and games that shipped with eMac on their original system disks, and the hardware test that shipped with eMacs.


    4. Here's how to tell eMacs apart: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2395


    And if you can obtain the eMac's model number, you can find out a little more about them:


    1 Ghz eMacs with the model # M8950LL/A (able to boot into 10.5) and eMac 1 Ghz with no Superdrive released May 2003 and earlier (able to boot into 10.5) could boot 9. M8951LL/A, M9252LL/A, and M8951LL/B could not boot 9, and neither could 1.25 Ghz or higher models boot 9.  Booting 9 is the only way to access 9 if you install 10.5 or later unless you install both 10.4.11 and earlier and 10.5 on the same drive in separate partitions, or add an external Firewire hard drive with 10.4.11 or earlier.


    5. See this user tip to ensure you are ready for 10.4 or later:




    6. Lastly if you have the correct discs, you'll have to erase the hard drive and reformat it for Mac OS 9 booting, if it is supported:




    This can be useful if you have something that only has Mac OS 9 compatible drivers.


    Many usergroups, and used and refurbished Mac stores may have the disks you need:




    http://www.macmaps.com/usedrefurbished.html *