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To keep this short, bought an iPad2 3G 16gb on Fridat 25th November, It arrived 28th (quickly I thought). After a couple of days it became apparent that the home button was not working properly i.e. it would not recognise I had pressed it or think I had pressed it twice, this was very intermittent but none the less annoying.


I waited to se if it would cure itself and also did all the usually resets and restores. It did not. Today I took it to an Apple store where, after a 3 hour wait for an appointment and a brief examination, they exchanged it. I pointed out that it was unacceptable to have to wait 3 hours to return a faulty product and they just looked at me like I was an imbecile.


I've been using my 'new' iPad for about 4 hours and all of a sudden the volume turned itself down i.e. the volume icon popped onto the screen and the volume bar slowly reduced until it was off.


Now the volume will turn up but not down with the rocker. I can turn it down with on screen slider but volume down does not work. Also when turning off and on, the volume is set to OFF and the 'Sound Effects' icon remains on the screen until I have pressed volume up whereupon it disappears. I have done a full reset and also a restore via iTunes on my PC and this behaviour is still exhibited even before setting the thing up.


Apple are supposedly calling me at 9AM tomorrow.


Am I unlucky or are these things known for their flakyness. I am currently extremely unsatisfied.





And it still keeps turning the volume down on it's own


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iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    That is definitely not a normal occurance.

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    It is definitely not normal. And I can't disagree with the opinion that there seem to be issues with shipments having 'glitches'. That said, we're just users here. We really can't do much beyond commiserating with you or helping you with a fix - if it's user fixable.


    You may wish to address your comments to Apple themselves. they're the ones with any fixing power.

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    Interference such as cell phones and higher powered RF remote controls can sometimes interfere with the volume controls on iDevices, but this sounds more extreme.


    Did you make a Genius Bar appointment before you took it in last time? If not, do so this time.

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    Thanks for the replies,


    I guess I knew that there would be no way to fix this when I posted. I just wanted to get it off my chest really.


    Re: the appointment - it was the first time I've been to an apple store and was unaware of their particular procedure but I did comment at the time that I found it unusual to have to make an appointment to return something faulty. I can understand the appointment system for people who need help with using their devices but not for returns.


    I really want to love my iPad but this double false start has really knocked my confidence in the brand.

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    A lot of those appointments for help turn into returns and they would have to look at yours to complete the return hence the policy.


    Ever heard the phrase, "Third time's a charm"?

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    I really do hope so deggle, except that I'm English and we say "third time lucky" but thanks for your positivity :-)

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    My third ipad2 has been faultless so far. Apple care allowed me a purchase of £50 from the apple store for my trouble.

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    Hey, a good ending.  Thanks for posting back.