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To keep this short, bought an iPad2 3G 16gb on Fridat 25th November, It arrived 28th (quickly I thought). After a couple of days it became apparent that the home button was not working properly i.e. it would not recognise I had pressed it or think I had pressed it twice, this was very intermittent but none the less annoying.


I waited to se if it would cure itself and also did all the usually resets and restores. It did not. Today I took it to an Apple store where, after a 3 hour wait for an appointment and a brief examination, they exchanged it. I pointed out that it was unacceptable to have to wait 3 hours to return a faulty product and they just looked at me like I was an imbecile.


I've been using my 'new' iPad for about 4 hours and all of a sudden the volume turned itself down i.e. the volume icon popped onto the screen and the volume bar slowly reduced until it was off.


Now the volume will turn up but not down with the rocker. I can turn it down with on screen slider but volume down does not work. Also when turning off and on, the volume is set to OFF and the 'Sound Effects' icon remains on the screen until I have pressed volume up whereupon it disappears. I have done a full reset and also a restore via iTunes on my PC and this behaviour is still exhibited even before setting the thing up.


Apple are supposedly calling me at 9AM tomorrow.


Am I unlucky or are these things known for their flakyness. I am currently extremely unsatisfied.





And it still keeps turning the volume down on it's own


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iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1