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    Someone help me here.


    If I go into Metadata > Batch Change and click the box that says "Apply to Master Files" it appears that then changing a file name in the Metadata TAB for VERSION NAME will allow me to change the name of a Master File (in a Project) and have it change the name of the Version (in an Album) or to change the name of a Version (in an Album) and have it change the name of the Master File (in a Project)?


    Is there a way to get this setting to /stick/? It seems to me that this keeps defaulting to /unchecked/ which is really an issue for me as I am changing many files in this manner.


    Do I need to change the file name somewhere different from the Metadata TAB? Is my workflow incorrect for getting this to happen regularly so that I don't have to keep checking this box?



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    Hi 1OP.


    These are great questions and it would also be very useful for me to see these answers on this thread. Does anyone have a specific answer to these?


    1.When you rename a photo in iPhoto it doesn't change the name of the file, in Finder.

    2. Is Version Name the name Aperture refers to the photo with?

    3. File Name is the Finder name?

    4. Can you change the Finder (File Name) in Aperture?

    Batch change?

    5. What happens if I change the Finder file name outside of Aperture?

    Does that cause issues with Aperture?


    Also it would be helpful to know from this poster if they are using a Referenced Library (images outside of Aperture database) or a Managed Library (images inside Aperture database)? I am using the latter method and it would be helpful to know if the answers are the same or different in either case.


    Anyone able to take a stab at answering these directly?



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    Watch, as I try and answer what are my questions too. (keep in mind, these are my guesses to your questions)


    1. iPhoto does not change the finder file name. Not sure why you wouldn't want it to.

    2. I think so.

    3. I think so.

    4. I think so. I think so too.

    5. l think Aperture tells you it lost the file and you can point Aperture to the file with the new name.


    I prefer a referenced approach, which is one of the reasons why I never used iPhoto. I've known users who've had iPhoto library issues. Maybe those are issues from old versions and it doesn't happen any more. Still, I'm happier with my photos viewable at a Finder level.

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    Hi. Keep asking (and answering!) and I think we all will get where we need to go.


    Yea. I have a managed library (not sure I am totally comfortable with this) and I still haven't figured out if I need to run some kind of Vault routine. Mostly I did this because my images were such a mess coming from a windows box that I didn't want to mess with it but also because it seemed like a referenced library would effectively double the space my images were taking up which I didn't want to do at that point. That said, I'd be happy to know if there was a way to convert back and if this is important.


    On 4 I think the answer is "No" but not sure about this.


    I would have to assume that Aperture does not change the "File Name" in any cases and that only the "Version Name" (which is the term that is apparently used for /any/ image either in an Album or in a Project). I can see the desire to want to change the File Name when you change the Version Name in Aperture so I am somewhat curious about the answer to your questions.


    It seems to me like if I change the "Version Name" while I am in a Project that this then updates to any "Version" in an Album but not vice versa. I would like to regularly be able to change the Version Names when in an Album and to have the other Versions in a Project updated in the Aperture UI without having to keep clicking on a checkbox which is outside of my normal workflow for this. Anyone know if this can be found in a preference settings somewhere instead of the Metadata pulldown which somehow keeps getting unchecked over here after I check it?



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    You're making a hash of it.  Sorry.  Jon is a great help-mate for making hash.  My advice: ignore everything he posts -- he has repeatedly shown a complete and -- considering the amount of time he has put into using Aperture -- surprising incomprehension of how Aperture works.  The suggestion to ignore Jon's posts has been made by others as well.  Individually, we have expressed our concern that Jon's loquacious, insistent, incomprehension -- and his thread-jacking -- has prevented others from learning how to use Aperture and has damaged the deserved good reputation of this Discussion Forum, in addition to making participation much less enjoyable.


    There is nothing to be gained from guessing at answers.  The many helpful posters here can provide answers based on knowledge and experience.


    At the very least, be specific about your terms.  "Photo" has almost no meaning in Aperture.  Sentences such as "Is Version Name the name Aperture refers to the photo with?" have no meaning (I know that isn't your question, but it is one you attempted to answer).


    "File" has a specific meaning.  Every Image in Aperture has three files associated with it.  Understanding what these three files are (and are not) is an important part of understanding Aperture.  They are:

    - the Master

    - the Version

    - the Preview


    These things are discussed at length elsewhere on the forum and in the User Manual.  If you have any questions, please post them in a new topic.


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    kirby. i am going to ask one last time here.


    can you please refrain from this personal business and simply allow others to have a conversation on this forum?


    also, this is my post and i don't want you on here with this kind of bossy personal business.


    perhaps as part of your answer you can explain how one changes all the versions and masters associated with an image (however you want to phrase this since Aperture appears to use "Master" and "Version" interchangeably) - without having to constantly check a box outside of the normal Version Name change in the Metadata Tab.


    this is the need on this thread and if you can address it that would be great...

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       I need to reply to this because it's providing incorrect advice and could confuse newcomers.  I've explained it before, but I'll try once more:

    1. Albums DO NOT contain actual images - they contain pointer to the image that resides in a Project
    2. When you rename an image, you are doing exactly that - you're giving it another name in Aperture
    3. Example: I just renamed DNSC_2468 to "Wife at Party".  When I browse the Project, it now shows that as being the name of that image
    4. There's more!  I had that image showing in a Album as well.  Because the Album contains only the pointer, the new name also shows in the Album.
    5. In fact, I changed the image name from within the Album...  just to prove it does work both ways
    6. The filename on the hard disk remains what it always was, and quite honestly, it doesn't matter one iota what that filename might be, as I'm using Aperture to look after my images. 




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    Hi CO,




    > Albums DO NOT contain actual images - they contain pointer to the image that resides in a Project


    OK. But you saying the "File Name" in Metadata is the name of the image in the Database and the "Version Name" is the name of the image in /either/ a Project or an Album? I mean, I ask because when I change Version Name in the Metadata Tab in an Album it doesn't seem to change the name of the image in the Project but when I change the Version Name in the Metadata Tab in a Project it /does/ seem to change the Version Name of the image in the Album.


    > Example: I just renamed DNSC_2468 to "Wife at Party".  When I browse the Project, it now shows that as being the name of that image


    OK. You are doing this in an Album? I ask because when I do this in an Album I don't see the Version Name change for the image in my Project and the "Apply to Master Files" in Metadata >  Batch Change seems to keep defaulting to unchecked which means I have to re-check it every time.


    Is there some global setting for this or maybe I am doing this in a different way (I am doing a Version Name change in the Metadata Tab...


    Can you help me with this?

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    hotwheels 22 wrote:

    kirby. i am going to ask one last time here.

    Please act on this.  Thank you.

  • hotwheels 22 Level 1 (0 points)

    well - if you could stick to factual answers and refrain from the personal business we would all save a lot of time on this.


    again, this is my thread and the last time i checked participation on the mac forums - almost without exception - doesn't come with this kind of personal commentary...

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    Repeat the procedure from within an Album - ensure that when you change the Version Name in the Metadata tab, that you hit "return" at the end. 


    Now go to the actual image in the Project - check the Version Name there.  Has it changed?

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    Hi CalxOddity.


    Thanks. I may have had a problem with the Return here and/or in getting confused with the File Name column in Metadata (at least initially). Thank you.


    Can I just ask you here is there is a default setting for changing the File Name as well when I do this? I see the "Apply to Master Files" checkbox in Batch Change but it seems to default to /unchecked/ and I am having a hard time understanding if this checkbox will allow me to get the File Name to change as well when I am doing this renaming.


    Also, I have to really do a lot of this renaming and I am wondering if I can do something like removing the PREPENDED portion (and then subsequencly /adding/ a Prepended portion of text to minimized names) for the Version Name for a large series of images. For instance, I have a lot of images with a good deal of additional information that was added while in Windows. Since this info is already in Aperture I am wondering if I can Delete this part of the Version Name. For instance, I may have 50 images that may say "Project 1_Client 1_Interior_110126_L1025439" and I would like to delete the full prepended portion so that they just read "L1025439". Then I would go back in and just add "Client1..." so that they read simply "Client1_L1025439".


    I think I was not very clear on explaining this initially but Name Mangler is really very good at doing this and if this functionality is not available I am going to export these images, rename them in Name Mangler and then re-import them so they are more conveniently named upon re-import into Aperture (for both for File Name and for Version Name presumably).


    I will go back and re-read the metadata section of the help as well.



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