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I'm using a headless Mac Mini as a music server. I've set up screen sharing and I control it with either a MacBook Pro or iPod Touch. Everything is connected via WiFi. Sometimes when I boot up the Mini it shows up right away as a shared device on the other devices and everything works fine. But sometimes it takes a LONG time for the Mini to appear as a shared device, up to 20 minutes. Any idea what could cause this?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I have various dockable drives with different OS X versions on them... I could screen share to MY headless Mini no prob until I had to Recovery HD/Internet Recovery my verion of Lion, then the entire collection of OS's stopped connecting... takes up to 15 mins. of 'barber pole' progress line until it finally brings up the user/password window to log into the remote Mini from my PPC tower...

    for me, the fkup problem came after that restore/reinstall/remess... with no other variable on my part being changed

    dont know the solution though so hope someone answers you....

  • Brad Schurman Level 1 (135 points)

    ok no one else is being helpful to us or we are the only two with probs. Check your console and let me know if you see similar to the following, will you? I selected ALL MESSAGES in the left column so to not miss a thing and timed when it finally logged into my mini....


    Setup: an older PPC tower (10.5.8) doing screen sharing to a new mac mini via Airport with 10.7.4 inc. last weeks updates installed as per Software Update control panel; previously working fine doing any of the sharing options... file sharing, screen sharing and dvd/cd sharing.


    Now the file and screen sharing options are so laggy I go make coffee while it tries to see the headless mini....was instant before...


    It also has degraded some... before I wouuld atleast see the mini in a network folder window (after typing command-k in finder and hitting the Browse button), but doesnt show that now. I blindly type the static IP addy I thoughtfully have run my macs on behind the Airport.

    Trashing and forcing a rebuild of the mdnsResonder.plists in the system folder did not help... even though this seemed to show up often as a problem in console...and has had famous Keychain/firewall issues in OSX over the past few years.


    The last two lines in console before the big lag (indicating the moment I click the Connect button or try any myriad other ways of logging into the mini) are as follows:


    03/08/12 11:15:48 PM Screen Sharing[2942] Warning *** Assertion failure in -[NSMenu removeItem:], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-949.54/Menus.subproj/NSMenu.m:704

    03/08/12 11:15:48 PM Screen Sharing[2942] Warning Item to be removed is not in the menu in the first place



    .....is it spending all that time searching for some wierd app.kit thing to 'assert'? I didnt remove it or do anything, so not sure why its 'not there' for OSX to doink with.....

    or is this netauth thing the problem? Thats where the major time leak seems to occur.


    03/08/12 11:19:33 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/NetAuthAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/NetAuthAgent[2943] Alert Warning: accessing obsolete X509Anchors.


    If I set up the tower to log in with a keychain I get a pile of the same old 'obsolete x509 anchors' crop that apple never bothered hiding/fixing in the logfiles since OSX 10.1.... they dont harm anything and I ignored....


    Then it lags for nearly 5 mins. until the log in window pops up or the Keychain password is automatically used to open it from a previous log in.


    So one can say:


    1) The keychain/uses/passwords are still fine as it works if I have the mini set to allow a specific log in New Person I created to test keychain...it just doesnt get a chance to give the PW quickly...the keychain first aid finds nothing wrong with my chains too.


    2)the 'turn off, reboot, turn back on' the various sharing options I use (screen, files, bluetooth and dvd) didnt make a difference; mirrored all fixes on both machines to make sure


    3)mdnsResponder didnt seem to be a prob in all this....


    4)my airport situation hasnt changed nor been compromised...


    5)different log in accounts on the same drive partition of various drives both these machines run all have the same problem now... so its got to be the highest System/Library folders, doesnt it?


    I had another two things I groped at IN CASE they might remotely be involved but too tired to remember, and they didnt make a diff. anyways....

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    I haven't noticed this problem since I got Mountain Lion so I haven't done the Console check. But it's been an intermittent issue before, so who knows if I'll see it again a month from now.