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When I heard about itunes match I was really excited!  I have 30 gigs of music for a 16 gig iphone so I'm a prime candidate for this kind of a feature!  However, I am infuriated with the thoughtless impractical use of this feature.  Case and point, I expect a feature to enhance my experience.  I NEED songs on the hard drive of my iphone.  I also NEED to be able to rearrange/change those songs when I see fit.  Itunes match got rid of all songs on the hard drive of my phone.  I now can only access them over wifi or a cellular connection!  So, if I have my phone on "airplane mode" I can no longer listen to songs... absurd!  If I am working out at 24 hour fitness, which still doesnt have wifi, and I don't want to use the 2 G's that AT&T offers then again, I can't listen to my songs.... again, absurd!


Apple! You have to fix the software for itunes match immediately and allow for more control over songs manually controlled on the hard drive of the iphone!

If I am able to control the songs I always want to have with me (which is NOT my entire library of music) then itunes match becomes a wonderful feature that I will gladly pay for.  However, if I ever run the risk of being musicless then itunes match is useless and I want my money back.  Why does it have to be an all or nothing sort of thing? Please fix quickly!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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