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Hi to all,
it's about an year than I'm using succesfully Reason in rewire with Mainstage.
I'm quite happy about the low Cpu necessary due to rewire.
I love the piano pack of reason and the arpeggiator module, that's why I was moving to that plugin. Mainstage as everybody knows doesn't have an arpeggiator

Now I'd like to change stuff.

Can you give me your feedback in order to test some other Virtual instrument with this features:
1 - great quality patches...
2 - a great sampled piano
3 - Arpeggiator
4 - I'm using a lot of layered patches and a huge concert, so
NOT big Cpu resources required

I know about Omnisphere... but in my opinion Ominsphere is quite Weak for point 4.... can give the system instable....
any suggestion?

It's time for my personal Christmas Gift Smile


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 15 - i7 - 2.66 - 8 giga ram