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Crackling sound with Tritton AX720 and Mac.


Background: I'm playing PS3 multiplayer game where in-game voices doesn't work properly. So we are using Skype (or TeamSpeak) with friends to have decent voice chat. 


- PS3 is connected to Tritton AX720 decoder  with an optical cabel  (general PS3 sounds comes this way to headset)

- MBP (Lion) is connected to Tritton decoder with USB cabel to get Skype voices to headset (normally this usb comes from PS3)


Problem: I can hear all game sounds and Skype voices fine from other PC users, but my own voice starts to crackle to them when I speak. It may be fine for some first minutes, but then crackling starts or some times crackling disappear for a while. But generally my voice is crackling to all other. If I use MBP's built-in microphone instead, then my voice to others is ok.


Tritton decoder is identified as C-Media Audio device. Problem seems to be in the way how OSX handles this Tritton / C-Media usb device's voice in. PC / Windows users doesn't have this problem. 


Is there way to fix this usb crackling? Better drivers for C-Media Audio? Some setting tweaking? Or is Mac's audio hw just crap and you can't do anything?


I and some other Mac users would like to use our Tritton's headset mic instead of Mac's built-in mic which by the way is very good to capture background sounds from the apartment, like your wife's opinions about playing fps .


Thanx in advance for your replies and comments!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I just bought my Tritton AX720 a couple of days ago. Like you I tried to use the USB cable to connect it to my MB Air in order to communicate via Skype, but I cannot get it to work at all.

    Changing the settings to the C-Media USB Device in the Skype- or System settings doesn't work, all the sound is still played and recorded with the built-in speakers/mic.

    I changed the settings in the Audio-MIDI setup-menue, which resulted in the sound being played via the Headset, but the mic didn't work.

    Furthermore: changing the Audio-MIDI options back to the built-in hardware doesn't work - the sound is still played via the Headset and the built-in mic cannot be activated. Only when i unplug the headset can i use the mic again.