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My iPhone 4 fell out of my pocket the other day and hit the floor, as it has done many times.

I carried on as usual, and out it on charge that night. It charged.

Last night I put it on charge, apart from, it didn't actually charge. WHY!?

I've tried the wall plug in with 3 different cables and 2 different plugs, i've tried it on the dock, which still plays the music through it, but doesn't appear to charge, and ive tried it in the laptop which doesn't recognise it AT ALL!

To begin with, when I plugged it into the wall socket, it woudl say it was charging then go straight to 'this device is no supported'. It did that a few times, when i plugged it in and out, and now it just doesn't recognise it AT ALL.

What's going on?

My iPhone is over a year old, but I've had it for 3 months, as it used to be my brothers, so I don't have warranty.

How do I fix it?

Oh, i've also tried resetting it by holding the lock button and home button. Makes. No. Difference.

What's happening? What will Apple be able do, if anything?

CAN ANYONE HELP ME? Kinda freaking out here...

  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,544 points)

    if it's not charging because of internal damage taken from a fall

    then I doubt you can fix it youself

    guess apple store could repair it for a price

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    I had a very strange experience in the apple shop today. My sons iphone4 (11 months old) seems to have done a very similar thing & he has not dropped it. When we took it into the apple store the technician said the terminals had some oxide traces (rust) and said it must have been exposed to water and was not covered on guarantee. I said this was not accetable as the phone was not exposed to water but used normally. I asked for the manager and complained. A lady next to me said thats very strange as mine has done the same and I got the same answer. I suspect there is a design flaw in the materials/finish being used on the connector pins. I'd like to know if others have experienced the same as I suspect there are many of us.......!

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    Turns out my dock connector had broken. Replaced and done. FIXED! Good as new!

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    how much did it cost?

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    Exact same thing happened to me. I hope it won't cost much