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I have been pondering over a problem for ages which I just can't sort.  I have three applescripts running in itunes, hidden preferences, add and subtract playcount and total playcount.  All were working, until recently when I tried to access hidden preferences - it said required iTunes 8 or older (I run the very current version of everything).  I went into the library and to iTunes> but the folder I had created (scripts) had disappeared - I'm not sure when this happened but I am assuming it was during the Snow Leopard update.


I can't figure it out at all.  It is the main library as neither user has a library (not sure if that is right either actually but that is how it is).  Today, I tried downloading the current version of hidden preferences.  Now when I click the script icon, both hidden preferences work.  Ideally I would like to delete and start again with the scripts.


Anyone know where I can find them?  Spotlight isn't helping!





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    Apple have hidden the user’s Library folder to casual viewers, in an attempt to stop new Mac users screwing their machines up. To access it, in the Finder go to the ‘Go’ menu and hold down the Option (Alt) key; the Library folder will appear as a choice.


    Your iTunes scripts should be in (user)/Library/iTunes/Scripts/


    You can make the User Library visible permanently: open up terminal in the utilities folder and type in:



    chflags nohidden /users/(yourusername)/library



    (note the space before the first slash). Obviously you should insert your username (the name of your Home Folder), not in brackets.

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    Dougscripts on my computer are in my Home folder > Library > iTunes > Scripts


    You can try searching for hidden files with EasyFind (free).  In Lion they have hidden the user library.






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    Snow Leopard doesn't hide the User Library: the OP's signature indicates he has Lion and his inability to see the User Library would confirm this. Searching probably won't do it, but in any case my first method above is quick and easy.

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    Apologies - I meant the Lion update - not Snow Leopard.


    I run Lion now.


    Hiding things - getting a bit windows really isn't it!

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    mr_mitten wrote:


    Hiding things - getting a bit windows really isn't it!

    I think the reason is because inexperienced users are likely to dive into the Library and start removing or messing with files, with disastrous results. At least there is a method for getting at the Library - some of Lion's clever ideas are not so easily reversible.

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    Thanks guys, just need to work out now why iTunes Match is hanging on step one at 8621 out of 8634 - annoying isn't the word!!


    Any advice gratefully received!