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I have been pondering over a problem for ages which I just can't sort.  I have three applescripts running in itunes, hidden preferences, add and subtract playcount and total playcount.  All were working, until recently when I tried to access hidden preferences - it said required iTunes 8 or older (I run the very current version of everything).  I went into the library and to iTunes> but the folder I had created (scripts) had disappeared - I'm not sure when this happened but I am assuming it was during the Snow Leopard update.


I can't figure it out at all.  It is the main library as neither user has a library (not sure if that is right either actually but that is how it is).  Today, I tried downloading the current version of hidden preferences.  Now when I click the script icon, both hidden preferences work.  Ideally I would like to delete and start again with the scripts.


Anyone know where I can find them?  Spotlight isn't helping!





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