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    If you logged on here, you got the e-mail.  It probably just ended up in the junk mail by accident.

    Please in the future refrain from using ALL UPPERCASE.  Some people may think you are shouting.

    This is just a user to user board.

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    Mine didn't come across for about 4 hours.  Now that I have the verification e-mail there isn't a link to actually verify the setup of the apple id.  I wonder if they are having issues with this service today.

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    Like said above, check your junk mail folder and be sure that it didn't get sent there.


    Also, if you could give more details instead of stating the issue in all caps, then that would help us help you!


    Usually, if you don't get your verification email for whatever it is that your'e doing within 24 hours, then you can email the iTunes Store at expresslane.apple.com or call AppleCare 1-800-APL-CARE ( 1800 2752273 )

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    I have the same problem -- no email arrives when I try to reset my password.


    I'm syncing my iPhone 5 to iTunes and keep getting messages about all the content that will not sync because "not authorized."


    So I try to login to my Apple ID

    - password is wrong

    - follow the link to reset password

    - chose "send email" but no email arrives (I even check 'junk' folder to be sure)

    - go back to reset password and try "Answer security questions"

    - says my DoB is wrong but I'm sure DoB is correct and there's no way forward


    So what is the solution? Re-purchase all the content that won't sync?

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    The best solution would be to set up a callback in expresslane as twotenam suggested.  The Account Security department can possibly assist you in resetting the questions if they can verify who you are.  Keep in mind, that if you cannot provide the information that they request, they will not be able to help you - They are trying to keep your data and account safe for your protection.


    I would also suggest that you check any email addresses you may have used in the past around the time you established your appleID.  You would have had to receive the conformation email to activate the account, but it could be an email that you are not currently using (such as from an old ISP).

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.


    When I try to play the content iTunes automatically loads the email address associated with that content and asks for my password --so there's not doubt that I'm using the correct email address for that content.


    Until today, after umpteen tries, I cannot get Apple to send a simple password reset to my email.


    Thanks again

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    apple id not coming to my email

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    See my post above.  Also, it may be that you set up a rescue email address.  If you did, it would be a different email address than your AppleID email.

    The rescue email address was set up so that if you were unable to recall the answers to your security questions, you could reset them yourself without a long hold waiting for Account Security.


    Another issue that I encountered personally was that I mistyped my email domain.  I had put xxxx@me.cpm instead of xxxx@me.com .  Obviously, the emails don't arrive where they are supposed to. 


    Just some suggestions.  Hope this helps.

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    I have received emails n it was sent some 5  to 6 times on clicking resend but all emails are without any link to click on for verification plz some suggest some solution

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    I believe that the issue is mainly related to:

    a) Apple accounts were the Apple ID was changed from a non-email based Apple ID (e.g. Peter) to an email based ID (e.g. Pet** @gmail.com)

    b) Apple accounts that has bought music, applications using the previous non email based Apple ID


    So, the Apple ID management system has difficulties to manage the Apple Accounts that has two active IDs, where the previous non email based Apple ID is recorded in several purchases in ITunes, iPhone, etc and also in iTunes Store.


    These impacts all the purchases done with the previous ID that cannot be transferred to the new ID if you have removed the authorization for the previous ID before to transfer the purchases to the new email based ID using the same iTunes.


    If this is the case, unfortunately:

    1) Apple does not advised the customer of all these issues before to change the Apple ID

    2) Apple appears not to be aware of these issues and impacts over its customers

    3) Apple appears not to solve these issues of its ID management Systems


    Do you have these kind of situations and issues?

    How we can request to Apple to solve these issues in its ID management system ASAP?


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    my apple id is not getting verified

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    when will apple fix it. I've been waiting for verification from last night until now. None.

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    try to create a new email at gmail.com...if your email at yahoo...do not expect to arrve..cause the yahoo has a techncal problem now a day...create a new apple acount and then vrify it at gmail.com...make sure that u hve already the acount at gmail.com