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Most of the time (maybe 8 times out of 10), Siri won't read my new incoming text messages.  I'll ask her to read the new text, and she responds "New text message from [name] "  Then there's a pause, followed by "you can reply or read it again"  But she doesn't read the message itself.  This happens whether I'm using a bluetooth headset or not, and whether or not the phone is "unlocked" or not.  If the phone is locked, she'll tell me she can't read the text unless I unlock the phone.  After I unlock it, she comes back with the "you can reply or read it again" message, without reading the text first.  Asking her to read it again just gets me the same pause, and the "you can reply or read it again."  But every now and again, she'll read the text message properly.  I can't work out anything different I do when she reads the text vs. when she won't read it.


Does anyone else have this issue?  Has anyone been able to solve it?   Thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    I'm having this exact same issue. I can't see anything different either. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

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    Just did a bit of searching and figured it out. You have to have message preview turned on. Settings>Notifications>Messages then toggle the "show preview" switch to on.


    That should solve it. Well it solved it for me at least.

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    @wjones602 - that's not it - for me at least.  Sometimes Siri does read the message, and I'm not changing any settings.  There must be something else.  Or a glitch.  But thanks for your response.

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    I have the same problem, but it goes further than just nt reading text messages as Siri will often not read back the text of other instructions either (such as reminders). In each case, there is a pause accompanied by a just discernible white noise/static sound — this happens instead of reading messages or read back.


    Latest iOS

    Using Australian Siri in New Zealand

    Preview turned off

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    I found out the problem... If you have it on "dont show preview", it wont read it on the lockscreen.. secuity measure i guess. It will however, read it on the home page, or anywhere-

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    I find if I ask Siri "read new text message" on the lock screen, she replies "You do not have any new text messages", then I unlock and ask again, she has the same reply. But I have found if I unlock first, then ask her to read it, she is able to (most of the time).

    So it seems kind of pointless if I have to unlock and ask her to read it, when I am already one click away from reading the message myself. So frustrating.