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    I had to change my iphone mobile number as I was getting harrassing calls.   Calls were going through to my new mobile number okay.  The old number was saying it was disconnected.   But I decided to check whether my text messages were going to the right number.   So I sent myself a text message, with my new number to my old number.   Which I had pushed in.  Guess what, I received the message!!!  


    I finally went into settings, took my old number out of the IPHONE settings and I only now I no longer can receive text messages to my old number.


    Must be some gliche.   Optus was very interested in this when I told them. 

  • Also29 Level 1 (0 points)


    I just switched to an android and had the same issue. I used the advice to go to the apple support page and deregister the device. That did not work.  I went back and noticed on the left that the mobile number was listed under my details so i tooka chance and deleted the number. (Just left a landline number there)  BINGO, fixed almost instantly.   Hope this works for others. Drove me nuts for days and annoyed me that my wife could not text me easily.

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    I upgraded from the iphone 4 to the razr maxx and all of my friends that have the iphone send messages they are sent to my old iphone.. I have logged into the apple support like suggested.. my old cell phone number is attached (not the new one) and my iphone isn't a registered product on that page so I can not do what is suggested.. I called verizon and the girl has been helping me out but can't come up with a solution today because the tech from apple had no idea what we were talking about.. We have tried reactivating my iphone unactivating imessage then reactivating my maxx.. the issue is STILL not resolved. I am extremely frustrated and am starting to regret ever buying an iphone.. Can someone please suggest something else or help me!!

  • ellka Level 1 (5 points)

    Hmm sounds good except there is no longer 'edit products' at that support link. It is under the communities profile but obviously that's not useful. Apparently apple decided to remove the only option to fix this!

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    **This worked for me just now**


    I went from using an iPhone 4 on Tesco Mobile (in UK) to using a Samsung Galaxy S3 on O2, switching my number over. My girlfriend, now using the iPhone on her own number was able to call me but the texts never arrived (weirdly, I did get one of her texts but as an email with a .txt file attached). I tried logging into apple support and don't have any products listed so couldn't unregister.


    On the iPhone, I looked in the contacts and my number was still listed as an iPhone type number, so I deleted the contact and remade it with the number type as mobile (you could probably just edit the contact though) and now I recieve the texts fine.


    It seems that if the contact is listed as being an iPhone, it can automatically try to use data instead of SMS. So you might need to tell anyone you know with an iPhone to change your contact type from iPhone to Mobile.

    Let us know if it works for you too.

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    It seems a little "old times" if you will for me to have to contact ALL of my friends that have an IPhone and tell them to manually my contact when I don't have to have them manyally change my contact to an iphone in the first place.



    All i have to say is Apple has no solution and their techs have no idea that this is even occuring when you call them. And verizon has not gotten back to me since I posted about this on June 6th. I am completely unsatisfied with Apple and will never purchase another Iphone again..

  • SJAzania Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not saying it's ideal. The fact that the problem exists in the first place is ridiculous and apple's lack of a solution is pathetic. But if you really need to be getting texts, this should work for now.

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    Finally worked for us. I don't know which specific step worked, or maybe it was a combination of a bunch of things. My boyfriend and I both had iPhones with AT&T (U.S.). We both ported over our numbers to Verizon. I got a new iPhone 4S from Verizon, and bf got an Android phone. We logged onto his account which didn't contain his old iPhone serial number, so we added that and unregistered. No luck. Powered up his old AT&T iPhone and turned off iMessage, and deleted his vcard from the old iPhone's directory. Also deleted his iCloud account under Settings > Mail/Contacts/Calendar. Did the power cycle on his old AT&T iPhone and my new Verizon iPhone, and that seemed to have done the trick. Maybe there was just a delay on re-implementing the new settings.


    Changing the label of his cell number on my own iPhone's directory from 'iPhone' to 'mobile' wouldn't have worked because I've never used the 'iPhone' assignment. I've always just used 'mobile' for phone numbers even if my contacts had iPhones. Hope this helps.

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    I believe I just fixed mine


    I went to .


    then I removed my phone number.


    after a few minutes..the texts started working :-)

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    Thank you defrot!


    If you can, use someone else's iOS device.

    Sign them out of iMessage

    Add the account you want to deactivate

    Then turn off iMessage



    This worked for us. My wife had to get a loaner phone (droid) while hers was being repaired and we found out that she was not receiving messages from anyone who had been using iMessage to message her.


    Doing the above worked like a champ.

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    Here's what worked for me without access to an iphone. This is per advice from apple tech support. It's not the best case scenario but it did work.

    I had only one person who could not text me on my non-iphone so had her change her phone imessage settings to send via phone network (as opposed to email/web). This worked. Takes a few to 6 hours for it to propagate throughout apple's servers.


    the really quick and dirty fix was she turned off imessage whenever she wanted to text me, until the above worked.


    very lame that there is no way to fix this on web in account management. l'm lucky it was just one person, hah, well, afaik.

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    I tried most of the things in this feed several times with no success. Unregistered my stolen iPhone, then re-registered it, then unregistered it again...didn't work. I also tried changing my Apple ID password, which didn't work either. My friend even tried deleting my contact information from his iPhone 4s and sending a text to my number (unattached to any contact name, email, etc.)...did't work.


    BUT, changing my Apple ID DID WORK! I had to create a new e-mail account to use for my new Apple ID, but it worked! Good luck folks!

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    I did both of these and then it finally cleared. Method #1 1) Go to 2) Login 3) Deactivate your old phone 4) Shut off iPhone 5) Restart your droid phone and text someone and see if they can text you back ****If this doesn't work then go to method #2**** 1) Shut down your Android phone 2) Remove sim Card 3) Remove Sim Card from iPhone (you can open sim trya by simply using a paperclip and pushing it in the hole. 4) Put new sim card from your android phone into iPhone 4 or 4S and turn on iPhone 5) Go into settings then scroll down to Messaging 6) Shut off iMessaging and turn on SMS Messaging. 7) Wait 2 min 8) Shut off iPhone 4 or 4S remove sim and put back into Android phone then restart phone. 9) Wahla!!! It should be working ****If you lost your phone you can use someone elses to do Method #2**** Hope this helps..if it works give me feedback...

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    I've tried EVERY solution suggested on multiple threads on this issue to no avail. My wife's iPhone still refuses to send texts via SMS as opposed to iMessage when using my regular number.


    I've resorted to having her text me on my Google Voice number so she can still keep iMessage on and contact me. I may just have to change my number to ultimately clear the issue.


    It is absolutely ridiculous that 1) This can't be managed via your AppleID on the Apple website somehow, and 2) Apple tech support supposedly have NO WAY TO CLEAR THIS ON THEIR END. How do you have zero control over a service you provide?

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    You are a life saver! I called apple support and they had no idea. Thanks!

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