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fow a while now I have only been able to update my apps if I press "update all" if I try to do it individually its as if im not ressing the button.

now I have treid to download some new apps & again its as if im not pressing the button to download them (ie the "free" button) the button is there, its just ignoring  my press.

the touch screen works fine (if I move my finger up/down the screen moves)

I have looked all over & cant seem to find anyone with a similar problem, let alone a resolution.


iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3, works better than iOS4 (downgrade)
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    I have read elsewhere that is seems apple have changed the app store so it doesnt work with iOS3xx (presumable to get people to buy new apple products) as theres no reason why it cant be compatible as its always been (just not allowing you to download apps that are not compatible)

    Ive noticed sometimes the screen shots arnt working properly too, so this seems to be an apple apps store problem, not a device problem.