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I HOPE I am missing something. I put the dual GE on the Mac Pro into a LAG / BOND Group, to my switch.


OSX Network pannel sees the bonded interfaces, and though static IP, is getting DNS information from Router.

Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 8.35.52 AM.png


The Server Application, knows the IP address;


Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 8.38.10 AM.png

But does not see the interface. Setting up the network I get;


Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 8.39.26 AM.png

Then 2 screens later after warnings about setting the sever up with not network, I See;


Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 8.40.11 AM.png


Note the correct IP, and Interface 'LAG1'


Does anyone know if this is cosmetic or yet another BUG in this server application?

  • Kevin Cossaboon Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    After reboot server reports it's IP address as


    Looks like Apple Server


    1) Does not support BONDd interfaces

    2) Does not Support VLANs


    The OS does, just the Server does not?


    I am starting to understand why Lion Server is so cheep....

  • Strontium90 Level 4 Level 4 (3,700 points)

    Try setting everything up on en0 and then once all services are up and active, form the bond ensuring the bond has the same IP address as en0 did.


    Since it appears you are not hosting dhcp on the Pro you will not need to alter the interface.  Beyond that, get real comfortable with the serveradmin command line tool.


    This is an interesting find.  Need to check this when I hit the lab.

  • Kevin Cossaboon Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    What is "serveradmin command line tool"?


    I had the server set up on a single interface, and then switched to the BOND with the same IP, after reboot went to the for it's address. Things work, but I am sure the SSL Certificate will fail.....


    I am reformating, loading 10.6, upgrade to 10.7, add Server and start again....


    Let me know what you find, and where I can read about the Serveradmin tool...

  • Strontium90 Level 4 Level 4 (3,700 points)

    Open Terminal and type:


    man serveradmin


    This is the command line tool that compliments Server Admin and now Server.app.  It has far more abilitied than Server.app and can allow advanced administration of the server. 


    I will not be in my lab till Tuesday but I will try a bonded link.  So sad, but when you consider that Lion Server is intended to be run on a mini, I guess bonded interfaces are no loger needed. 


    By the way, the SSL cert should be based on domain name, not IP address.  So as long as DNS and hostname are working, then the cert should function as expected.

  • fance Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    did you ever find a "proper"solution?


    Not a fan of workarounds to busg when it comes to production servers?

  • Kevin Cossaboon Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    no I did not, gave up, and now moved the server to a MAc Mini....

  • fance Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    with no link bonding so no failover, no performance, etc... Sad old Apple...

  • Jonathan Melville Level 2 Level 2 (450 points)

    Just wanted to chime in here and say that Lion Server absolutely DOES support creating a link aggregate.


    You do it from the Network pref pane in System Preferences. Of course for this to work the server must be connected to a smart switch that is supports LACP and is properly configured. I have a server running on a bond and have never had an issue.


    Remote Desktop Picture.png

  • fance Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks Jonathan - i have the a bond working too, BUT it does not appear inside the Server.app network settings (vs System Prefs).


    What does your's look like?

  • Kevin Cossaboon Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    That was EXACTLY the start of the thread. Before Lion I used the Mac Pro dual GE as a bonded group, and when I installed LION and SERVER, the interface did not show up in the Server configuration pannel. The Mac Pro could connect to the network, from an OSX point working GREAT, but from a SERVER configuration there was no interface. No Network detected.


    As my Mac Pro was too old for Mountain Lion, I did not try it on Mountain Lion, but instead moved to a Mac Mini.


    So to be clear, Apple Server for Lion did not recognize a bonded interface once that interface was set up in the OS.