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I've been having this problem for a while but until I subscibed to iTunes Match it didn't really matter so I let it slide. Now it's an issue; I have two Apple IDs as I've been a customer for a while; the account issued as I was a Mobileme user and the account I use for everything else including all my iTunes purchases.


I've had the iPad 2 for a while and under the store section it's correctly associated to my gmail Apple ID as it receives auto-downloads if I purchase on any other iOS or Mac devices. So to me that says it's associated to the correct ID.


However now when I add in the iTunes Match info and I go to the music player where it would normally see all my gmail Apple ID associated purchases it just errors and says that the device is already associated to another Apple ID and I have to wait another 26 days to change it, this is stupid and actually wrong.


All of the similar reported error dicussion threads refer to users who want to effectively merge differing IDs to get content from store, this isn't the case for me so I'm sort of stuck now as it seems to be an incorrect Apple ID association rather than anything else.


I thought it may be that I log into iCloud with my Apple ID but it seems that is completely seperate and shouldn't affect what I'm trying to do with my purchases.


Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.



iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Hi Neil.... I have the sdame issue...I contacted apple and went back and forth with emails. Apple never gave me a clear solution to this issue. They more or less said too bad...wait till the 53 days pass thenit shoud work...I now have 25 days left.... to me it's a pain in the azz but I really listen to most of my music on my iPod touch.... Apple is the leader in putting out superior seems they ought to be able to do it without creating all these differnt apple id issues...Good luck!

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    Possibly relevant.... I had a similar issue after enabling iMatch on my iMac, iPad and iPhone. The iPhone gave me this error and seemed to be confused between two AppleIDs. I resolved it by going to Settings:Store, select and View AppleID, and then Remove This Device from iTunes in the Cloud.

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    Had the problem been on the phone this would have been a great answer however the iPad doesn't have the same option to 'remove this device from iTunes" for some odd reason.


    Thanks for the suggestion but alas I'm no further forward.


    I contacted Apple support and so far all I've had is some standard 'try this' links from some bloke called Raja who then just said "I can no longer support you, you need to ring our charged support line". Why the h311 would I want to ring them, be charged when the problem is not mine, it's Apple's ridiculous Apple ID/DRM issue.


    ...and so we wait, 23 days until I can get the d@mn iPad off that Apple ID, how bloody ridiculous.



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    My iPad has the Remove This Device option!


    Touch Settings

    Touch Store

    Touch AppleID

    Touch View AppleID // opens your Account page

    Scroll down to iTunes in the Cloud

    Touch Remove This Device


    Then again, this might have nothing to do with your issue.


    Good luck.

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    i folowed the instructions of tjcmorgan. I signed out of my apple ID and put in an old apple ID ( address), removed it from my device  (iPad1), entred my apple ID (verizon email address) sync'd and low and behold i have iTunes Match finally on my iPad..normally I would have to wait 22 more days.....Why in the **** couldn't Apple tell me that a month ago when I was going back and forth with their customer service??? Jeeez... THANKS tjcmorgan!!!

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    I have a feeling this may be that the iPad was used to enable the iCloud account or something similar as if you see from attached, I have the field but there is no button to allow me to sign out. Thanks for all your help guys, it's appreciated and more than I got from Apple


    Oh and I've tried to download an old app and turn off auto-download as it suggests, no change.



  • david from flower mound Level 1 (5 points)

    My screen was just like yours. i signed out and re-signed in with my other Apple ID ( and then the

    " Remove This device" appeared...I removed it...and then signed back in with my other Apple ID that was associated with Match..and viola...I had Match a on my iPad..finally...

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    I think you may have been lucky, I did as above but the same error appears, just says I have another 21 days to wait. I got the 'remove this device' by logging in with an old ID but after going back in with my main account results in the 'error'.


    Glad you got sorted though. I'm going to take it in to see the Genius' on Friday as clearly I'm just not a genius.



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    ...and so it goes on. The iTunes support people were ineffectual to say the least and the so-called Genius' didn't know anything and "had never seen that error" when I showed it to him.


    Apple do need to do something now, the message boards have exploded with complaints about this and other Apple ID problems (i.e. merging) since iCloud and iTunes match launched, it seems that Apple just didn't think this through.


    I'm sure the ninety day issue is actually a DRM requirement put into place when the 'match deals were struck with the various music companies, however as a user experience it ***** and Apple really need to come up with a workable solution.


    So I'm at T-fifteen days now, only waited seventy-odd so a few more won't make that much difference.



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    Hi there


    I'm getting a similar problem with my Macbook Pro. itunes match was working fine until two days ago when i created another 'user id' for the laptop and then an itunes account for that user under their profile. Now i cant turn on itunes match on my itunes under my user account. Contacted Apple today who said to use the Express Lane and email the problem and they might be able to make an 'exception' on the account. Otherwise I'll have to wait 88 days to access a lot of my music on the macbook pro. itunes match is still working on the iphone 4S and ipad2.


    Screen Shot 2011-12-28 at 16.56.10.png


    Can anyone help? The only thought was too re-stream the laptop. Ive already tried deauthorising the other user but it made no difference.




  • Wingedwraith Level 1 (0 points)



    If you get an exception can you let us know on here and which email route you took i.e. which section of the support team you email as I might have to try the same thing.





  • samletuk Level 1 (0 points)



    Yes I did get an exception and am able to access my music once again through icloud on macbook pro. iTunes even emailed me two days later to check it was working ok.



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    hi ya


    i'm experiencing the 90 days to use my apple ID. this is ridiculous. i have subscribed for 24.99 euros and cannot use it. can you please help me on how can i worked this out.

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    So, eventually the ninety days ran out and I could eventually 'transfer' my iPad to the other Apple ID to allow me to access Match on that device. What a collosal waste of time, I waited ninety days for something I had paid for and Apple were unable or unwilling to help me just towing the company line of "you must wait for the 90 days to expire".


    Apple this is rubbish and you need to do something about it, apart from anything else this is against UK trading laws where I am not getting what I am paying for.


    This isn't diffucult and would also be addressed by the other problems that a lot of people are having where Apple forced users to have more than one Apple ID to get their services.


    Bad planning and bad execution.


    Not good Apple, not good.



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