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    I agree with you. The appstore functionality is at fault. None of the buttons work now. It's telling me I have 18 upgrades and when I go to upgrade it doesn't work. The suggestion that they filter the apps for ios 3 is just something they could do to keep it functioning if they wanted to. The fact that they changed the core fuctionality of the appstore without informing the public is lousy business sense.

  • synchronizer Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm starting to wonder if this was in Steve Job's plans or not. In any case, it's a shame that the app store is basically defunct for now.


    Is there a way to manually update apps via the iTunes app store? I know I can download new and previous purchases, but I''m not sure if I can update.

  • ibetaPhone Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe that's the only way to get the apps on the phone. iTunes. Download them and then sync to the phone. As for updating the apps, I would make sure that they are still backward compatible before upgrading or they will definitely not work.

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    The Update All function in the appstore works (its like the only thing that does), plus it filters out updates so it will only install updates compatible with 3.x. However, you cannot install updates individually (unless you use itunes).


    And again, this could be apple's planed obsolescence, or apple's lack of testing.


    Probably what happened is apple used html or javascript not supported in 3.x in the appstore (whether they knew it would break 3.x compatiblity or not, I don't know), so it isnt a device problem.

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    Yup, this is happening to my friends phone too. She has a 3G with os 3.1.2. I actually gave her my old phone cause she wanted an iPhone but can't afford one and, as it stands, has enough trouble topping up her prepaid every month. Her brother laughed cause he has an android phone, so this experience has made me feel bad and made her frustrated with iPhones. To make it worse, the phone stores had no idea and one rep even claimed that the touch screen was faulty and that we would have to send the phone off for repair for a couple of weeks. That didn't make sense to me so we didn't do it... *whew!*

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    Ya I can't download stuff eather it just says waiting an I'm on a ipad2 iv restarted hard restarded an so on an no luck

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    Actually, a few months ago the service fixed itself. I'm not sure why this is the case.

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    I'm using an IPhone 4S on iOS 5.1 and I have the same problems. The "free" button is unresponsive.

    No screenshots. Nothing works in the app store. Has been this way for the past 3 days. What happened?

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    Go to Settings>Store>View Account. tap on turn on Genius for apps, it will redirect you to apps store, just close the page and your session is reactive now.

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    I have this same exact problem, and I can't believe that as a MacBook Pro owner (that I paid over $3000 for new from Apple), I purchased a used Iphone to get a cell phone to be the best one for me with my MacBook and most functional/compatible with my familiarity and knowledge of the operating system/software on my Macbook. I thought since I've been buying Macbooks for 10 years (3 laptops), even if I purchased an Iphone 2G I would still be supporting Apple and showing my appreciation for their wonderful products. It was the most I could afford right now with my fathers brain tumors and my aunts breast cancer and my college debt and the rest of life's difficulties, and I feel like Apple has sent me the message that since I can't afford the newest product, I'm not worth enough to be an Apple customer. I am struggling to be a productive member of society and Apple is sending me the message that I'm not good enough for them, and to show me they will start making their App Store not work with my old unworthy products and make sure the features such as the app store quit working on the Iphone once it's outdated and affordable at the used price. It hurts how much money I have spend over the years thinking I was an appreciated apple customer buying a new Macbook the best and most expensive I could afford every 3 to 4 years, for this to happen to me.

    If someone could e-mail me at with help I would so appreciate it. I am having the same problems such as app store "free" or "install" button won't display where I can see the whole icon and won't respond when I click it, and the other problems mentioned in this series of posts "can't download apps on IOS 3". I have an Iphone 2G that is in great shape, and it runs IOS 3.1.3, and I have tried to upgrade to IOS 4 or higher, but IOS 4 will not install on my Iphone I can't update my Iphone with anything higher than ios3.1.3. I dont know what to do it's so difficult what I have to go through such as itunes to download an app. I guess I just can't have the features such as downloading an app directly to my phone and others using my Iphone as I would prefer. But any fixes please send me or any help for me I really appreciate it! It's more than Apple support can give me I guess the over $10,000 I've spend with them in the past isn't good enough to have a working Iphone- because with these issues it's clear that THE IPHONE HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE on it's functionality and features.

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    Should we call the Whambulance for you? 


    The original iPhone has not received updates in over 2 years... nothing about this is new.  Especially not to someone that claims to be an "Apple supporter" or anyone capable of doing a simple google search.


    Considering that the 3GS can be had for $50 with a new 2 yr contract from AT&T (I'm going on the assumption you're in the US), the BS excuse that one is trying to save money by buying the original iPhone is just that, MANURE.


    Stop whining, grow up.  Apple nor any other company owes you anything for your loyalty.

    No other phone manufacturer will provide operating system updates as for as long as Apple has for former products.  Try getting updates for any Android device released a year ago, much less one released 3 years ago like the 3GS.  Try the same with a Blackberry, Windows Mobile (now dead), Palm (dead), or WebOs (dead).

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    If you have an old version of an application for your iPhone 3G, you can download it here:

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    please help me guys i got my iphone 4 and i would like to download a  free app but when i enter my apple id it will say verification required. can someone solve my problems plz thanks

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    I Have the same problem except mine is iOS 6.1 and it starts to download but about 2/3 of the way through it says Unable to download triggerfist at this time. I have plenty of data 6 gigabytes. Trigger fist is 100 megabytes. Then I tried downloading an app that was 10 megabytes and it worked. But not even 15 -20 megabyte apps will work. And I know triggerfist is compatible because I have downloaded

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    You would be much better off creating your own thread, rather than piggy-backing on a thread that is nearly 4 years old and isn't quite the same as yours. A new thread helps give better attention to your own issue, rather than the original poster's


    That being these downloads work if you're on wifi?



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