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MacBook: I subscribed to iTunes Match this morning. Paid my dues. Uploaded all "songs" to the cloud. I only have "songs" on MacBook (mostly from CDs)-- no problem.


iMac: I have no "songs" on the iMac and would like to listen to the music I put on the iCloud but failed to get access. Music icon in iTunes does not show a "cloud." I have same ID and password on both Macs. Yes, OSX and ITunes latest version on both. Has "homesharing" anything to do with it?


Related: I have synced "songs" on my MacBook (same now uploaded to ICloud) with iPhone and iPad through iTunes (wire connected).

I supose that I can continue following that procedure?


Please help.

Solved by Winston Churchill on Dec 17, 2011 7:22 PM Solved

Are you using the same iTunes account for both instances of iTunes. It should say Add computer not subscribe.