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I just bought my new iphone 4S a week ago. I used it a bunch today during my graduation and it had about 34% left on the battery. When I pulled out my phone to use it, it was completely black. I plugged it into the charger and nothing is happening. Shouldn't it turn on while on the charger?

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    The phone will usually turn on while charging with a picture that looks something like this.


    If that screen doesn't show up try to rest your phone by holding the home and power button till the apple logo pops up. If that doesn't work let me know.

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    Thank you so much for your quick response! I did have to hold down the home and power button for about 20 seconds and never saw an apple logo, but the left picture above appeared. It is now charged to 97%. Hopefully by morning it will be fully charged and back to normal.


    Just one more question...Is it normal for the phone battery to deplete so quickly (within 1 hour) from 34% to completely shut off? 

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    It may deplete that fast if you have a lot of apps running.

    What recommend is turning off wifi, bluetooth, and gps then making sure all your apps aren't in the multitask bar.

    You can access wifi, bluetooth, and gps through your settings.

    For multitasking go to your home screen and double click your home button, it should bring up a dock once those icons pop up click and hold on one a logo such as this should pop up on the left to click that and make sure to close all apps.

    Hope that improves your battery life!


    Also you can view this to see if this helps http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html