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I turned on iTunes Match yesterday on my Mac & iPhone 4S.  I deleted all of the files on my Mac and redownloaded the 256kb/sec versions, and turned off music syncing on my iPhone, sync'd (wiped the music), turned it off, turned it on again, then let it sync all of the music from the cloud overnight.


However, now when I sync my iPhone 4S on my Mac it says that the music has filled (over filled, infact) the iPhone 4S and it's over capacity by 3.2gb with music using up around 10Gb or more of storage, yet the iPhone itself thinks only 5.9gb is in use.


I sync'd it with iTunes again and it hasn't made any difference.


iTunes says 11.8gb of audio and 3.2gb over capacity:

Over Capacity.png


iPhone 4S says that only 5.8gb is in use for music, and 2.8gb is available:

Under Capacity.jpg


Any ideas?

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