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Artsy Sue Level 1 (75 points)

I did two things for the first time today.  I "Saved as Stationery" a nice jpg file

that someone sent me as their stationery in an email.  Then, for the very first

time, I tried to send an email by clicking on "Show Stationery," and it made

MAIL quit immediately.  So I relaunched MAIL and tried again.  Same thing,

MAIL quit.  So I Repaired Permissions, and tried a third time -- this time I got

to see some samples of stationery, but before I could pick one, MAIL quit.


Why is "Show Stationery" crashing my MAIL app?  Could it be the jpg file I

saved earlier?  If so, should I try to remove it?  I'd love some feedback!   :-)


- Sue

iMac / OS 10.5.8


[just tried a 4th time -- MAIL quit before it even showed me some samples]