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Friend told me that they received my iMessage with my Apple ID email address in stead of phone number. What s'ld I do to change the details? Thanks!

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    iMessages are SUPPOSED to be sent from the Apple ID (email address).


    SMS are sent from the phone number, but iMessage is sent from the email address.

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    So, friends received the message via iMessage will view the sender as Email Address in stead of Phone number or contact name? Why I received friend iMessage & sender shown as his contact phone number?

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    mactreouser wrote:


    Why I received friend iMessage & sender shown as his contact phone number?

    Then this was not an iMessage. It was a text message. Ask your friend to look at their screen. They should see that the message they sent is in a green bubble.


    For the receiver: All messages appear in gray.
    For the sender:  BLUE = iMessage

                            GREEN = Text (SMS) Message

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    The issue I had was with my partners phone. It was sending from her email which was splitting the message thread if she sent messages that came through as SMS rather than iMessage. So I had 2 split conversations running.


    Its a simple fix on iPhone...


    Goto.....Settings, Messages, Receive at, sign out of your apple ID.


    Thats it.


    If when you go in there and you are signed in you will see "You can be reached for messages at:"


    If you are signed in it will use your email by default rather than your phone number. Signing out refers it back onto your number instead. Now all messages are from the one sender.


    Hope this helps.




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    I tried this, so that I could send from my phone number rather than my email address, but although it will let me turn the imessage off, I can type the green sms in, but they won't send; I keep getting the 'message send failure' icon.