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My wife has a Iphone 3Gs, just bought her an IPAD yesterday. Have been trying to get the 2 to sync and having problems. I created a mobile me account, have set everything up in SETTINGS as per all the info I can read and still not sure how I get these 2 to sync up? Any help appreciated. Everything seems OK but the dat from her Iphone is NOT showing up on her IPAD (contacts, calendar etc).

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    Technically, they don't sync to each other but both can sync to the same iTunes in the same computer.


    MobileMe (and now iCloud) doesn't sync apps that are already resident on a device.  It syncs only new purchases and newly updated apps.

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    If you want to clone the apps from one onto the other, i'd hook the iPhone up to your computer, sync it, then sync your iPad and the apps should transfer over. Then, like the others have said, you can use mobile me to sync updates and new purchases

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    Thanks Skydiver,


    Couple more quick questions. My wife has a Dell Laptop PC with Itunes on it. SHe does not have ICal on the windows PC so how would syncing the PC with her IPAD  tranfer her calendar and contact list over to her Ipad?

    Sorry if I am being an idiot here, but I really thought that if she used ONLY her Iphone and Ipad, I could sync calendar entries, through Icloud, without having to sync these 2 devices up to a PC.


    Thanks Tommy

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    If you have something like Outlook or another e-mail program on the PC, you can hook your device up, then in iTUnes under 'info' choose to sync contacts and calendar to that program, then do the same with your other device. iTunes will sync with many different e-mail programs.  You just have to make sure that the data is going the 'right way'...as in that it's transferring your info from the iPad to the PC.

    You can also sync your calendar and contacts via iCloud. However I'd back them up first, Because iCloud has a bad habit of occasionally eating calendars or contacts (it wiped all of mine out)


    So it is an option, but not 100% fool proof so I'd just backup before I experimented with it. As I understand iCloud, as long as both devices use the same Apple ID, the contacts and calendar SHOULD update on both of them. I'm not an expert on it though. Once it ate my contacts I abandoned iCloud.

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    OK,I just sync'd up her Iphone (through Itunes) with her PC. There were a few updates it required and I downloaded the latest of everything and it is going through it's girations right now. I cannot sem to find "INFO" in Itunes so I can sycn contacts and calendars? Is it under something other than "info"?