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Unfortunately, I clicked the "upgrade now" button in a Divx pop up while trying to start buffering an online video stream.

That's when my nightmare began.  I have no clue what type of Divx version I had before, but this new, upgraded version has made

viewing a nightmare.  Slow buffering, stuttering, movie stalls half way thru and will not continue no matter what.


I found a suggestion in one of the topics by Stuicy to download this:


Get the DivXPlusWebPlayer-2.dmg, you don't need the whole divx bundle, all the bundle gives you is extra rubbish you don't need, and clutters up your HD.


Uninstall anything to do with divx on your computer, then install the divx-plus web player.  Then you can play divx on the web on sites like stagevu, icefilms and veehd.


Oh, one last thing, if you have updated to Safari 5.1, then divx player just won't work at all, but it will work in earlier versions if you "get info" on Safari and make it open in 32-bit mode.



This too is not working properly. I just noticed that the topic was for the Snow Leopard, so this link might be the wrong one for my Mac.


All I want is, like Stuicy says, to just download the web player that will allow me to view the movies thru online streaming on what ever web site they are offering it.


Will someone please inform me of the right download and please provide a link to it.  I am not tekkie savvy and I am at my wits end. 


Thank you. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
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    Trash whatever you installed.


    Download and install Perian from


    You should read this support page   in case you need to delete older codecs.  In Macintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/ delete any files relating to DivX (Perian already has them), particularly any DivX extension to Safari. However it should be noted that Perian is not an internet plugin and will not play DivX files imbedded on a website. For that you will need the DivX Player browser plugin available from

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    I have read this post of yours before.  Perian DOES NOT & I REPEAT DOES NOT allow me to stream divx videos.  I have Perian for years btw.


    The divx link you provide does NOT & I REPEAT DOES NOT let me download the web player only.


    No offense Klaus, but do you even read what a person posts?  I appreciate your offering help, but it's the same information you have posted elsewhere, that I have already read and your info is incomplete.

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    Feel free to complete it for me.


    The reason that threadjacking is frowned on (as mentioned in the terms use which you can read by clicking the link to the right on this page) is for the most part a practical one:


    By starting your own thread your problem can get individual attention, focussed on your particular set of circumstances.


    By joining somebody else's thread it becomes tricky to answer more than one question at the same time, and can lead to confusion for both parties.


    So if you don't mind the minor inconvenience, please start your own thread so we can get to grips with your particular problem!

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    I was not highjacking. 


    I am new to this site.  I could only find a reply button.  It took me more than 1/2 hour to find info as to how to post a new topic.  Which I did, long before you posted to me in this thread. 


    Regardless.......You still did not answer one of my questions.  Whether I post it here or in my very own topic.


    What is the solution???  All you provide me with is links.  You do not say how to stream a divx embedded video in Perian, nor do you say which version of Divx Web Player I should be installing or where to find it.


    All you are offering me is more frustration.  Sorry, but I don't need this.  I need to get my movie streaming capability back.  And if you don't have the answers, then please refrain from sending me links that DO NOT

    offer any solutions either.  Or letcuring me on highjacking.  Sheesh!


    Thank you.

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    You're welcome.


    Now try to read my first reply to you again.

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    I don't want the new freaking version, that is why I am in this mess.

    I am in rage mode now and YOU are not helping.

    How do I block your posts from coming into my home mail?

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    Hi Bartrn,


    I came across this web site dated June 16/11 so it is pretty new info.: 



    Now that the experiment is over, the DivX HiQ beta will be uninstalled from your system in this latest release of the DivX Plus Web Player. This won’t prevent you from watching videos with DivX Plus Web Player on websites that choose to use our player and you can continue to use DivX Plus Web Player as your HTML5 video player for H.264 content. However, this update will remove the DivX HiQ button and the DivX Plus Web Player will no longer work on sites that specify their own default Flash player.



    What does that mean Bart???  Where do we find the default for Flash player???  I am having problems viewing movies again and just uninstalled everything again!  Sheesh!

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    It means until DivXHQ is ready to launch an all-pay DivX suite, everybody waiting for the dubious thrill of DivX will either sit on their hands, use one of their abandoned "free" (and worth every penny) downloads (and I note the DivX for Mac installer package -- what you get when you double-click the .dmg -- was created in January of 2009), or try ffmpegX.


    Ignore the troll, he'll soon tire and go louse up somebody else's question with his unending copy-and-paste jobs from things he said in 2009 that were incorrect even then. It's easy to throw your weight around online when you don't have any in real life.



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    Hi Bart,


    I also found another sneaky place that Perian stores its data.  Since it has the same codex as Divx, & since the two might conflict, this too has to be removed if Perian is being uninstalled. 


    The below was taken from this link:

    Picture 3.png


    This is where I found the AC3MovieImport.component if you wish to remove it from your system.


    Finder:  Home Folder/Library/QuickTime/AC3MovieImport.component

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    Hi Bart,


    Here is another sneaky place Divx hides their stuff that "spotlight" did NOT show:


    Finder:  HomeFolder/Library/LaunchAgents/com.divx.agent.postinstall.plist

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    Hi Bart,


    I also found a real easy way to clean out Finder in this link:


    The MacApper weblog details how to clean out Finder's Open With menu so that uninstalled and duplicate applications don't bog down the list of apps you want to use.


    1. Home/Library/Preferences/
    2. and trash it (you can back it up if you want)

    If you want to get even more granular with your Open With Menu, check out this link: 


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    Hi Bart,


    Apparently there is a "a52codec" that works much better than the AC3codec.


    Look at this link:


    A52Codec Development link, check it out too:


    Lastly, be sure to remove all instances of AC3Codec. It does not work properly and can cause severe problems on Intel machines.

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    Perian is quite nice because everything "just works" right out of the box. The problem is that Mac Perian provides somewhat sub-par quality compared to getting the codecs direct from the source. So, as nice as just using Perian would be, quality lovers will have to forego the convenience. (note, if you installed Perian at this point and now have decided not to use it, you must navigate to the /Library/QuickTime and remove the Perian for Mac. component file, otherwise replacement codecs will be screwed up)



    Here are other Third-Party Codecs for Quicktime Player .

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    Why do people bother uploading movies with DivX or Movshare when these two systems are nothing but problems for many of the views???


    I find streaming movies uploaded thru Putlocker is a breeze on my browser. 

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