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I was looking forward to using iTunes Match but I just discovered that there is a 25k track limit on the size of matchable libraries.  I have around 65k tracks and it is growing rapidly.


Essentially, unless Apple does away with ANY limitation on the size of libraries, I doubt I'll be able to use iTunes Match.  My library will always keep growing and it would seem doubtful any limitation on library size will keep up with it.  I'm assuming that this is part of their beta testing and that, eventually they will at least up the limit and hopefully will do away with it altogether.  Perhaps they can create a different payment plan for those whose libraries require more storage on their servers.


I was looking forward to using iTunes Match both as a way of getting around the storage capacity limitations of my iPod/iPhone AND of creating an off-premises backup of my complete iTunes Library in case of multiple hard drive failure or theft.  The song limitation is the only thing preventing me from doing these things -- I hope it is eliminated soon.