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I think I'm doing this properly, but perhaps someone will have more experience and expertice!  We shoot on a Canon XF300 camera, which natively captures on XDCAM HD422 720p30 (50mbs).  FCPro 7 could capture natively, but am I correct, X cannot?  (Please . . . somebody tell me Apple does have the codecs for XDCAM native import!)


No problem, we open 7 to capture from our cards we shoot on.  THEN we quit 7, open X and import the files!  So we keep the fast import speed and "smaller" files (50 mbs vs. 65 in Prorez) of the individual captured clips.  We import for highest quality at Prorez 422 into X.  Edit everything - and now for the question.


It's time to export a master.  I have "learned" this - I THOUGHT if  X was set (in the edit menu) to ProRez 422 better performance, or the Best quality, or Proxy - I THOUGHT when you export, the quality wa always the best X can do.  (Basically ProRez422 at 65mbs.)


But I find now I was wrong!


When I export to Self Contained Movie with settings left on "Proxy" the exported file is ProRes422 and plays at 20mbs.  Much "lower" quality than we want.  But leave all setting the same in X, except change the "quality" to original or optimized best performance OR BEST quality - the export is still ProRes422, but the data rate is 65mbs.  (Which I assume is "better"!)  BTW, we use 12x720.


So I was wrong!  It's important (I'm guessing and looking for conformation) that if we want the BEST export quality, we should NOT have it set to PROXY!



I think everyone will agree with everything I've said so far, as that's what we're finding.  But NOW I see X will export at XDCAM Prores422 at 50mbs (by changing the codec on the export menu.)  Now, the result is 50mbs (lower than 65mbs, good! Takes up less data)


But . . . WHY would X export at XDCAM Prores422HD (at 50mbs) but NOT IMPORT OUR NATIVE FOOTAGE OF THE SAME VINTAGE?


What am I missing here?


Thanks - hopefully many people have the same thoughts?