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I have for some time used a WD MyBookWorld external hard drive and 'connected' TimeMachine to it.  This process created two 'Shared' computers visible in Finder.  MyBookWorld and MyBookWorld-Backup.  Time Machine connected to the one called MyBookWorld-Backup.


However, then the MyBookWorld acquired a new IP address (long story, it wasn't static).  Time Machine stopped working - didn't give any useful prompts by the way, noticed by accident that it hadn't backed up for a month.


So, ideally I would just like the definition of MyBookWorld 'shared' computer/drive to be updated with the new IP address.  However, I can't find out how to do this.


- I can't delete or modify the entries via Finder (or anywhere else) of the 'Shared' computers/drives.

- I CAN connect to the WD MyBookWorld via Finder/Go/Connect to Server and see the file hierarchy that Windows machines are using in their backups .

- Time Machine ONLY sees the existing MyBookWorld on MyBookWorld-Backup definition, but this fails to connect - error says that the devices doesn't exist or has an incorrect IP address.


So I'm stuck.  Any one help?  I can't help feeling that I'm missing something obvious.


Thanks in advance.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)