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i bought a black 16gb iphone 4s the other day. first day it was fine, but 2 days later all my photos are looking blurry. it won't focus. my front camera is working fine. is this a hardware problem? i dont want to take my phone to the technice service because i bought an iphone because i was bored with my other broken phone. how could i fix this? will apple launch an update? please help me.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
  • John K. Level 1 (60 points)

    Is your lens dirty? Sometimes cleaning the lens with iKlear, Omnicleanz or another non-ammonia based LCD cleaner and a microfiber cloth will work wonders. If that's not the problem, then I would try doing the following in order:


    1. Go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings. You won't lose any data but if you've spent a lot of time customizing your phone, you will have to do that all over again.


    2. Do a hard reset- back up your phone to your computer or iTunes and do a restore- this wipes your phone. Try setting it up as a new phone.


    If that doesn't fix your focus issue, you probably have a hardware problem- I would set up an appointment with a Genius and have them diagnose your problem. As long as they determine you didn't cause the malfunction (i.e. dropping it or otherwise), and you're reasonable and polite, they'll take care of you.

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    Did you get anywhere with this? My camera has started having focus issues. At a distance things are in focus but cannot focus on any near by objects.

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    mine was focusing near objects, and couldnt focus objects after a 30cm distance. i sent it to my provider and they replaced it. you should send yours too.