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    jimmyk11 wrote:


    As a workaround to the issue of Backup Disk filling up, you could always backup Manually using Time Machine.

    Unless you back up less than daily, and have lots of changes, that won't save enough space to make much difference. 


    In any event, that's only dealing with the symptom, not the actual cause of the  problem.


    The problem may be a simple as (on Leopard) removing the check from the Warn when old backups are deleted box, or gettting a larger drive.

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    I had the same problem and addressed it by excluding some of the larger directories in my hard drive, then running a backup, then including the directories again.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi. First You should realize how TM works. It needs space for FULL BACKUP and some space for at least one snaphot. If You have ie. 80GB to backup and TM space is 85GB is ok.. since data grows on HDD it is ie. 90GB od data to backup and TM space is still 80GB. That's why it cannot make FULL BACKUP. That's all... I have 128GB SSD and 150GB share on my NAS for TM and no problem with NO SPACE for FB.

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    The best and quickest way to solve this problem is to simply format the time capsule using disk utility and then have time capsule make a brand new full backup afterwards. You will lose all your old backups but it's better than time capsule not working at all.

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    CORRECTION: After attempting this myself I soon realized formatting with disk utility wouldn't be possible because time capsule disappears from the network when disk utility attempts to unmount it.


    Do this instead: Connect your TC to your computer using an ethernet cable. Connect to the TC by clicking the Time Machine icon on your top status bar and going to "Enter time machine." Once it connects push the cancel button as you aren't actually restoring anything. You will now have a "Time Machine Backups" disk on your desktop. Double click it and drag whatever folder within to the trash. Empty the trash. Once this is done click the time machine icon up top and click "Backup Now." Let the backup complete and enjoy your working time capsule.

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    FINAL CORRECTION:  Disregard everything I've said up until now. None of it works. To successfully delete your old backups go into Airport Utility and select your time capsule. Then click edit. Then select "Disks" on the top bar of the airport utility window. Then click "Erase Disk" NOW you can successfully do time machine backups

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