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I have followed some steps to try and get autofill working to no avail.


Settings -> Safari -> Autofill -> Use Contact Info -> On

Settings -> Safari -> Autofill -> My Info -> set to me!

Settings -> Safari -> Autofill -> Names & Password -> On

Settings -> Safari -> Private Browsing -> Off

Settings -> Safari -> Accept Cookies -> From visited

Settings -> Safari -> Clear Cookies and Data


Yet still my passwords are not remembered for any site, nor am I asked at any point if I want to remember any passwords.


This used to work pre iOS 5 but not any longer. The main problem for me is for the wifi password (it's an unsecured wifi at work where you need to login via a web page). Any other site I need to supply login details for though are not remembered either.


I have searched these forums among other places without any luck. Suggestions please.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5