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G Prato Level 1 Level 1
i have a 40GB ipod, and i've been having problems with it since yesterday. it will be playing fine (i have it running through itunes), when all of a sudden, it will stop playing in the middle of a song. when i try to 'eject' my ipod from my desktop and bring it back up again, a message comes up, 'the disk 'ipod' is in use and could not be ejected.' has anyone experienced this problem before? any solutions?

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9), iPod 40 GB
  • kbarbieri Level 1 Level 1
    my ipod has been doing that for about a month. i rarely have it hooked up to my computer, but play it from my car or creature speakers. i'm looking for some help in the department as well...also, not my ipod is completely shut down and when i touch it the exclamation mark and folder appear and it shuts off!!
  • G Prato Level 1 Level 1
    i was thinking that maybe it was itunes that is screwed up, and i was going to reinstall itunes. but i'm pretty sure it's definitely the ipod, because when the music suddenly stops mid-song, i try to eject the ipod, and it doesn't eject. itunes plays fine if i'm just playing music from the library. what the heck is the problem?

    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   40 GB iPod

    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
  • G Prato Level 1 Level 1
  • G Prato Level 1 Level 1
    does anyone know if this is a problem with the ipod or itunes? if itunes, will installing a new version correct the problem?
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    My son's iPod started doing this on a couple of songs. Apple Store suggested it was caused by anti-virus software in use when transferrring songs to the iPod.

    After much messing around, I added the song to my iMac iTunes library and synced with my Nano. Guess what, same problem. Hmmm, either it is the song itself (bought from the Music Store) or software.

    No answer sorry, just interesting that it does it cross platform.
  • G Prato Level 1 Level 1
    i think i FINALLY solved the problem - by simply switching the wire that connects my ipod to my computer (i was using a firewire, and switched to a usb). just figured i'd post this in case someone else has a similar problem in the future...
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    The switching to USB thing seems to be the most logical. The other thing that might cause that problem is... a hard disk related error, but I am not sure on that, so dont take me for my word. I am having the same problem, just with playing songs IN my ipod, i dont use itunes (the mp3s work perfectly with itunes) but in the ipod they start freaking out. But lately my ipod has been acting strange lately, so i am working on that problem.
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    i think i FINALLY solved the problem - by simply switching the wire that connects my ipod to my computer (i was using a firewire, and switched to a usb).

    Did you by any chance have the iPod connected through a hub , or through another device, G?

    Its not uncommon to have issues like this occur if , for example, you have a firewire device equipped with a "Prolific" 3507 firewire bridge . THese are found in many cheap external FW enclosures used for external burners and HD's , for example. The only real solution is to disconnect all such devices to avoid interruptions on the FW bus. (or, at least with the iPod, you can simply use USB2 instead).


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    I had my ipod plugged in directly to the computer, I got rid of the USB hub for now. I dont have firewire on this computer, my little brother does on his laptop, and my older brother on his imac. I got it fixed, though I lost about 20 gigs in music (most of which I can get back.)
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    I have a 40 gb 4th generation and it does the same thing....this is my third replacement, and they all stopped working....its ridiculous
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    My ipod stops playing in the middle of the song when I listen to it through the headphones. It stops and freezes and it does not let you do anything. It will stay frozen for a long time or until I reset it. It has to be plugged in the power outlet for me to reset it. Why is this happening. At first I thought it happen because of the shuffle, but now it happens all the time after I use it for a few minutes.