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Is it possible to insert Apple's 31-band AUGraphicEQ plugin into the Mac's audio output stream, so that every app's audio passes through it?


The reason for doing this is to have all audio (iTunes, DVD Player, Logic…) get the same EQ (to compensate for my external speakers' uneven frequency response).


It appears that "AU Lab" is capable of doing this, yet I'm unable to get iTunes's audio (for example) to show up in AU Lab.


I've tried both Soundflower and JackPilot, but nothing seems to route iTunes to AU Lab.  The only signal that shows up in AU Lab is from the built-in mic.


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, as it shouldn't be this hard.  But am getting tired of going in circles.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Steinberg CI1 USB audio interface
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    *** Boom - may be not bad App, but their EQ is not (in my opinion) good



    *** Hear (by JoeSoft) - may be better than Boom since it has mush more option some of which doesn't work properly (such as EQ, when its resolution is set to more than 32 octaves it start to distort sound)



    *** Apples AU lab - I think is the best option. Install Soundflower than download AU Lab, unzip, open DMG and copy to Applications "AU Lab", than open "Correction.trak" by it. You may need Xcode to download (but I am not sure). One good thing about AU Lab is that you can use not just 1 EQ, but also compressors and others VST plugins and audio units. Also check out http://www.dctrwatson.com/2011/06/os-x-system-equalizer/


    I am using the last method right now and it works nice (OS X Lion). Bad side of it that AU Lab needs to be always enabled and it is not 64bit.

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    I have some questions - Does 64 band EQs exist or no. - Also would like to know my be someone know where I can get EQ Audio Unit with wide frequency graph, from 0Hz (or at least 10Hz) up to 50kHz (would be awsome to get up to 100kHz)

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    The Best One EQ what i found is named Pro-Q Equalizer (10Hz-30Khz with 24 bands)

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    Everything in one package - here, instructions are inside.