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I get a folder with a "?" on boot up. I booted from the disk tools CD. Hard drive is listed, but no options are available - buttons are grayed out. I replaced the hard drive with the same results. What other options do I have to resolve this problem?  OS - Snow Leopard, latest update.


Many thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 13"
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    What do you mean you "Replaced" the hard drive.


    If you put a new hard drive in the notebook and cloned or used Time Machine to copy all the data from the original hard drive, operating system, programs and personal data, to the new drive doing that just carried over everythinig that was wrong with the original hard drive and operating system.


    You need to erase the new drive, re-install the operating system on it then copy over all your personal data from the old drive to the new. That also means you will need to re-install all the program you use on the new drive. Copying them from the old might also carry over some of the bad stuff that is on the old drive.