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I just purchased Logic Pro 9. There is an option in the menu bar "Download Addtional Content". I was wondering whether these contents are free of charge or do we have to pay for them? Logic Pro & Main Stage Essential Content, Jam Pack 1 Content, Jam Pack Remix Tools Content etc... There are a lot more contents in the list. Thanks!

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi CCTM!


    Where does it download the additional content to? I have all my apple loops on a separate hard drive. Will this additional content install it on that drive or on my operating system disk drive?

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    If you have loops and instruments from another version of Logic already installed... all I can say at this point is... be careful.


    These will be installed on your main drive and may mess up your links.

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    Yeah I just installed the Additional Content, and all it does is it installs the same files I already have, but installs them on my main hard drive instead. What a waste of time! I would have thought Logic would be aware that I have the same content on another drive.


    I checked both locations and the new files installed on my main hard drive have the exact amount of files except that each of the new files are about 1/2 the size of my other files. Hmm?


    Also If I use "Get Info" on the new files, they show more information then my file on the external disk.



    OLD File on External "Disk Get Info"

    Kind: CAF Audio file

    File Size: 378 KB (twice the size as all the new files)

    Created: Wed July 25, 2007 7:13PM

    Modified: Wed July 25, 2007 7:13PM

    More Info: "EMPTY - Nothing shows up"

    Sharing & Permissions:

    Name: MyComputer / Privilage: Read & Write

    Name: staff / Privilage: Read only

    Name: everyone / Privilage: Read only



    NEW File on Internal Main Drive "Disk Get Info"

    Kind: CAF Audio file

    Size: 139 KB (almost 2 x less the size of all Older files)

    Created: Monday October 3, 2011 3:24PM

    Modified: Monday October 3, 2011 3:24PM

    More Info:

    Musical genre: Rock/Blues

    Comment: Creator: Logic Platinum

    Duration: 00:03

    Audio channels: 2

    Total bit rate: 247.159

    Sharing & Permissions:

    Name: system / Privilege: Read & Write

    Name: admin / Privilege: Read & Write

    Name: everyone / Privilege: Read only



    I now see in my Logic browser duplicates of  the Apple Loops that were installed.


    So my question is do I copy the new files since they are about 1/2 the size of my older files into the external drive, and ovewrite the older ones? They all seem to work. I'm just worried that maybe the older files are backward compatible with sounds I used years ago. Hmm?


    Thanks for listening, your comments would be appreciated!

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    I can't tell you because I haven't gone there, I'm on 9.1.3, completely solid and not changing anything. All my extra content is on a second drive, furthermore, where possible I have all the original aif files which are considerably larger than any of the CAF files.


    Someone else will have to jump in here.

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    Yeah I'm just concerned if these newer and smaller size files are backward compatible. Maybe that's why the older versions of the .caf files are large? If anyone has information about that please let me know.


    Thanks Pancenter

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    The original loop CAF files are 'lossless' compressed, the new ones are 'lossy'.




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    Hi CCTM,


    Thanks for the info. I would rather keep the loseless files. May ask you... how did you know this?


    Thanks again for your help CCTM!


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    micdim wrote:


    May ask you... how did you know this?




    Not rocket science... I have both sets of files available (the original Logic Studio ones, and the new (download) ones.


    Open the same file from each set in Quicktime, examine the file info in the Quicktime Inspector.


    For example (from the Rhythm Section loops):


    6-8 Acoustic Strum 01.caf



    Apple Lossless, 2 Channels @ 44.1

    File size=217KB



    AAC, 2 channels @44.1




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    Thanks CCTM,


    I never thought of checking that. What an oversight.


    Thanks a million. That's little bit of info was really helpful.


    All the best, and thanks again.