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Those frustrated by the hassles of posting from iOS will be pleased by a recent change.  I don't know where the change was, but the third-party iOS browsers I'm using (Atomic and iCab Mobile) no longer put double capitals at the beginning of a paragraph.  Previously, I'd see stuff like "THis is crazy."  Which, being a bit of an OCD perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar, drives me absolutely nuts!


Of course, little quirks remain.  In iCab right now, I'm typing with no visible insertion point.  Yet it will probably be visible and flashing in the middle of some non-editable text after I post this.  But at least I can access the message editing toolbar and the Edit button!    (Oh, hey, look, there's the insertion point...  Guess inserting a smiley fixed it.  )


Atomic seems to have lost the ability to access the toolbar in the message editor, though I haven't tested the advanced editor there yet.


Safari, of course, is the most attractive and pleasant browser to use on iOS, in my opinion, but is quite badly broken when it comes to posting on these forums.  So I'm finding myself coping with the quirks of iCab for these forums at this point, while until just recently they were simply too much for me and I put up with the forum quirks in Safari instead.


Anybody else have any good tips on editing posts here using iOS?

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    STill does the double-cap for me (iCab). It's also slow.


    ANd to think, all of this because Apple won't listen to its own advice to feed standard, full web pages to iPads, rather than the mobile-optimized ones...

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    What are you talking about?  There isn't a mobile-optimized version of this site, so that's not the problem.


    As to the double-caps, that's odd.  I wonder what cured it for me, if it's not cured for you?

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    The reason iCab is able to show the edit toolbar is because it presents itself as Safari 5 (Mac), ie, as a desktop browser. Go to iCab settings and change the Browser ID to Safari (iPad), ie, a mobile browser, and the toolbar will not appear.