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I have an iPad 2 that is in recovery mode and won't restore.  This is not my iPad 2 but I am attempting to get it working again for the owner.  I have tried to kick it out of recovery mode using the program RecBoot.  It exits recovery mode and immediately re-enters recovery mode.  So next I tried to update it.  I am unaware of what software it is currently on, but I am trying to update it to 5.0.1 with no luck.  I had downloaded the ipsw last night and got the iPad from her this morning, when I restored it this morning (using option click) it started to restore and then gave me unknown error (26).  I googled this error and can not find anything on it at all.  So my next step was to attempt to download the firmware through iTunes to see if the copy I had gotten was the problem.  4 hours later, and the iPad still will not restore.  It also still gives me the unknown error 26.  Does anyone know what this error has to do with/ can anyone give any suggestions?

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    Update.  I did get it to restore but it just went immediately back into recovery mode.  I still do not know what error 26 is.

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    were you able to resolve your problem? i have the same issue right now. the next step i'm going to try is to restore it on a windows computer intead of a Mac, and also use one of my friends accounts instead of mine so i can redownload the restore program.

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    Wow. Its the exact same thing that happened to me and my uncle. This error code looks like a new code. we bought it from the same place, I wonder if its just a batch of faulty ipads.

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    Same thing here.  I have an iPad 2 that was running iOS 5.0.1.  Everything worked fine when without any kind of sync over cable or wifi, all apps including free and purchased ones disappeared.  When I did connect it to iTunes, all apps were unchecked. So, I checked my apps, did a sync, and they all returned but missing all app data.


    Long story short, things got a little flakey and I wanted to start from scratch so I plugged my iPad in to install the factory default firmware but I get the following error, " The iPad "iPad" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (26)." Tried this in DFU mode and in regular restore mode (when the iPad screen says to connect to iTunes). I tried different versions of iTunes and machines, OS 10.6, 10.7, and Windows 7, all giving the same error.  When attempting a restore, it goes through "Extracting software, Verifying iPad restore with apple, preparing iPad for restore, waiting for iPad, preparing iPad for restore, verifying iPad restore."  After the progress bar on the iPad is there for about 30 seconds, ERROR. I tried different things for hours with iOS 5.0.1, and I also get the same error with iOS 5.1, which was released today.

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    I was unable to resolve the issue and returned the iPad to the owner, and told her what the problem was. She then took it to the apple store and genius bar who informed her they didn't know what the error was and they then proceeded to give her a new iPad. So the error (26) is still a mystery. But my specific situation was resolved by going to the apple store. Hope that helps. 

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    Was the owner still under warranty when they gave her a new iPad? I'm practically in the same boat.

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    I had the same probloem today. I was harmlessly reading my emails and then BAM, my iPad 3 crashes. I ended up putting it into DFU mode, tried to resotre from Windows iTunes and encountered the mysterious Error 26. After a few desperate attempts and a few Error 26's, it just decided to restore. Perhaps try again?

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    I believe that she was still under warrenty. 

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    The one that I was working on wouldn't restore and was in a recovery loop.  As I stated earlier it restored once and then went back into the recovery loop.  So if I were you with an iPad 3 I would make an appointment and go to the apple store.  Maybe there is an explaination to the error now but there wasn't at the time that I was working on it. 

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    I managed to get mine working again... For now. If it does play up again, I have to send it back to apple to fix a potential hardware issue.