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in short - what I think I am observing correctly:

step 1: no music on iphone, itunes match turned on

step 2: download already owned music from icloud onto iphone

step 3: buy new music on iphone or itunes, downloads to both mac and iphone

step 4: delete the new track from itunes on mac (but not from icloud) but keep on iPhone

step 5: try to sync iphone... issues begin


I do have the most up to date versions of iTunes, Lion, and ios5


more elaborate description:

So a couple of times I have deleted music on my itunes, because I want to store the tracks in the cloud - not on my hard drive.

It seems like each time I do this my iphone has trouble syncing.  I've read all the comment threads and a lot of people have similar issues but fixes seem to happen with voice memos, which I do not have on my phone.


What i did notice this last time is that ~150 songs were on my iphone, but not showing up anywhere in the music app.  I noticed this as I did a restore from backup and my itunes app on the iphone started automatically downloading a lot of tracks, yet when they downloaded they did not show up as downloaded in the music app.  I would actually have to download the song again from the cloud on my iphone to listen to it (so I had multiple copies of songs on my iphone [visible in the iphone->music folder on the sidebar of itunes when iphone was connected to itunes], yet only one copy would show up on the iphone music app). 

Does anyone else have this problem?  I'm not 100% sure if this is the root of the problem I am having, but it seems to be the common denominator. 

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, iTunes 10.5.2, Lion 10.7.2