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i have recently taken a new contract from 3 Network, its iphone 4s 16gig white

well earlier i was with o2 and was using iphone 4

so earlier when i had iphone 4, in itunes on the first page as in under "SUMMARY" There are few stuffs saying ...Nmae - CAPACITY - Soft version - serial number- Phone number

earlier with iphone 4 on the phone number - it used to show my number but recently i realised that withi the new phone iphone 4s the "Phone number" part says "N/A "

My itunes is the latest one and the ohone OS is the latest one as well and the computer OS is vista 32bit so i believe there is nothing nothing wrong with the windows or any idea what might be the prob?



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, IOS 4.3.5
Solved by ScubaBadger on Apr 2, 2012 4:01 PM Solved

My experience same as jillbd - and there is no opportunity to add the phone number manuallly in settings..

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My wife's phone does this as well.  It's because she deleted her phone number from the settings so "it wouldn't show" in case the phone was stolen, I guess.  I'm pretty sure if you put your number into the right place it will show up in iTunes.  On the phone, go into the "Settings" app, scroll down to "Phone" and select it.  The first thing you'll see is "My Number".  Select that and enter your number as "1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx". 


Hope that does it for you!

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