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i have recently taken a new contract from 3 Network, its iphone 4s 16gig white

well earlier i was with o2 and was using iphone 4

so earlier when i had iphone 4, in itunes on the first page as in under "SUMMARY" There are few stuffs saying ...Nmae - CAPACITY - Soft version - serial number- Phone number

earlier with iphone 4 on the phone number - it used to show my number but recently i realised that withi the new phone iphone 4s the "Phone number" part says "N/A "

My itunes is the latest one and the ohone OS is the latest one as well and the computer OS is vista 32bit so i believe there is nothing nothing wrong with the windows or any idea what might be the prob?



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, IOS 4.3.5